Yes Mistress, and As You Say Sir  

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4/29/2005 1:39 pm

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Yes Mistress, and As You Say Sir

I guess that we are not normal. My hubby and I like to switch when we are Sub/Dom. One day I am sub, the next, he is. Does any one else do that? I don't know. Last night, I was both, at different times. Our friend came over, and as soon as he showed up, I was all about being the Sub. I didn't even look in his eyes until he told me to. It was twenty minutes before I even saw what her was wearing. I was clothed in exactly what he told me to wear. Black bra and thong, black slinky slacks, a black chemise, and a white button up blouse. I also had my hair up in a clip, completely off my neck, as requested. Oh, did I forget that I was wearing my three and a half inch patent heels? So, now I was about 6'2. I loved the feeling that he was in control. I didn't speak to him, unless he requested. I even wore makeup that my husband requested. That smoky eye thing. My husband would be there later. For now, though, it was simply me and Sir. Sir had me undress, slowly, and in the order that he chose. Slacks, button up, and every thing had to be done as sexily as possible. I was shaking from the excitement his orders gave me. Oh. I was in just my underthings and my heels, when he demanded that I was to undress him. I did so, thrilled that I could finally touch him. One button at a time, pop, pop, pop. I wanted to take them off with my teeth, but I was never given that command. I smoothed one side of his shirt over his shoulder, keeping constant contact with his skin. I never wanted to stop touching his smooth warm skin. Then the other side, reaching around his back to grab the shirt. I tossed it away and spread my fingers over his chest. And then was chastised. I was not told that I could touch his chest. God, it hurt. Couldn't he understand how much I was trying? He was so seductive, his voice teased me with it's softness, hiding the hard edge of each command.

I will finish later. Promise.

smileguyqc 54M

4/30/2005 6:08 am

Very nice can't wait for the rest and yes there is pleasure to be had on both sides I agree.

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