The Whys and Wherefors of Swinging for Us.  

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4/28/2005 3:19 pm

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The Whys and Wherefors of Swinging for Us.

Here's the deal. Alot of people have been asking me why we started doing this, sleeping with people other than our spouse. And one of my friends suggested that I blog it. Well, here it is. Dunno how clear I can be, but I will give it a shot.

We were watching a naughty movie one night when I was about five or six months pregnant. I was stroking my husbands cock with one hand and watching him very closely. I noticed something interesting. He wasn't watching the woman, who seemed really fake anyway, he was watching the well hung young stud. Huh. I have been bi since highschool, which considering my age isn't all that long ago. I am very open about sexuality, and have no problem with it. So I asked him a question, keeping my hands firmly stroking his cock. "He's hot, huh?" Unthinkingly he answered me. "Oh, yeah. I bet he tastes good." I was floored. My pinstraight husband liked cock! This from the man who took three months to admit that it felt good if I touched his nipples. Still rubbing his cock, I asked him if would ever like to try a guy. Oops. Maybe I should have waited a little longer. It didn't go well. he flipped out. He was all upset. "I am not gay!!!" he would shout at me. Well duh. I knew that. The man loved pussy way to much to ever give that up!! So, I waited. And waited. And we talked. Of course he asked me about my bisexuality. the scenarios got him incredibly turned on. I had, at this point, only actually had one mmf threesome. And strangely enough, that was the one he wanted to know the most about. Well, that was a disaster for me, because the guys involved kinda freaked out and did the "I am not gay," route on me too. Damnit. How was I going to get my husband comfortable. I knew he was bi. How did I get him to realize that? Well, after our daughter was born, an old friend of mine showed up. This friend and I had dated a while ago, and we so over each other. Of course, we still knew there was a lot of sexual goodness there. And lo and behold, he was bi too. Nearly every guy I have ever been with, say 9 out of 10 has been bi. Well, this friend, my husband and I got drunk one night. Now, let me say this. Never have sex while drunk. Bad bad bad. That being said, my husband is a light drinker. After one or two mudslides, he was feeling NO pain. S, my friend, began kinda flirting with him a little. It was hilarious, well, for me anyway. My husband reacted before he knew what was going on. For the first time in our marriage, I say my husband grab another mans ass. Ohh. Baby. Was that hot. Ok, fast forward about an hour, and one drink more. We somehow ended up all naked in our bedroom. The next thing I can clearly remember was my husband sucking S's cock. And moaning. And loving every inch. Ok, the rest of the details are hazy, but suffice to say no one left unhappy. This finally did it for my husband. He came out. He is BI!!! Like I never knew that. Due to our lives, and some marriage issues, this didn't happen again for a long time. The issues were simple for us. How could we let another person in our bedroom, in to the one thing that we shared together, just us? After talking around the issue, it became clear. neither one of us would be happy if the other was unfulfilled. Besides, after that one time, my husband was aching for a ffm threeway. It hasn't happened yet. I knew that he liked cock. I didn't have one. Sure I could have bought a strap on, and we have, naturally, but there is nothing better than warm, twitching cock. The texture, the flavor, the scents, yep, my hubby is a hedonist. It turned out that just thinking about my husband with another man got me wet. there is something completely different about watching two guys together. Maybe it is because the can do to each other something that was can't, with out toys. Maybe it was watching a guys face as he takes it up the ass, or the guys face as he is doing the screwing. Now, let me say this. My husband is bi. He still doesn't kiss men, or gaze longingly in to a mans eyes. Hell, other than sucking a mans nipples, I am not sure If I have ever seen his face south of a guys belt. That is not what he is looking for. Back to the moral issue. Could we do this? Should we do this? Would it diminish our marriage somehow? Would we feel the need to leave each other due to this. We talked about this for a long time. And came to this. Nothing will ever come between us, simply because we decide not to let it. Alot of things that come between people who are in this lifestyle are caused by non communication. We do not have that issue anymore. We discuss everything, especially after we have meet with someone. No one can keep secrets. It is all out in the open. And if your partner is there, it is not cheating. We do not fall for the people we choose. And if there is ever a moment when we think that there might be an issue, we will leave that person. Sex games bring us closer, but there is a fine line that we dare not cross. there is nothing so hot as watching over another mans shoulder, seeing my husband completely engaged with someone else. A new perspective. And coincidentally, yes, we still have sex out side of playing. All the time. And it is of a completely different caliber. No one will ever know my body like my husband, simply because he is my husband. No one else can be a father to my child, can be a provider for our home. No one else can or will make me want to spend the rest of my life with them. These things are my love for my husband, and his for me. Sex is not love. Sex is sex. It can be a good way of expressing your love for another person, but then, so is pouring their coffee for them in the morning. Or buying the groceries because you hate to do it. That is love. Selflessness, consideration. Making sure there is enough hot water in the bath room is love.

smileguyqc 54M

4/29/2005 12:39 pm

Nice post, raises some questions for me, I'm really having a hard time separing the two sex and love. The line we walk is very thin and there really is something wonderful to lose. There's also the bisexual issue. My very first sexual experience was with another boy, when I was 12 or 13. Since then I've never been confronted with it, I wonder?

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