Monday morning 19SEP05  

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9/19/2005 5:42 am

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Monday morning 19SEP05

BarbieBunny has chastised me about the cat Belladonna.
Other than being a small beautiful calico cat she is also my body guard and medicine. She sleeps on top of me at night when
she isn't too fat from pregnancy to climb into the loft where I sleep.
Any calico kittens from her will quickly find homes; as it usually relatively easy to find homes for beautiful women; those women not so physically endowed might have to serve time as bag ladies.
(At least they are still referred to as ladies).
The usual father of Belladonna's kittens is a huge ferrel tom that I have named Rambo. Rambo will never be a house cat. After Belladonna's first litter it was weeks before Rambo trusted me enough to accept food from me. He will tolerate my presence though never allow me to make a pet of him.
The one advantage to having so many cats is that my property is rat free. This being no small accomplishment in rural Hawaii which has a perpetual rodent problem.
What this means beautiful BarbieBunny is that Belladonna will be staying outside with her irresponsible boyfriend Rambo until after she has her kittens. I love BarbieBunny but this also shows what the problems are with people and pets. Someone allowing their dog to pleasure them maybe looked down on by digital pimps and certain members of society; though if it does the pet no harm {Shaolin, Wiccan, Medical doctor; are all under oath not to harm.}they really have no
rational basis for their perception and attitude.
[Memo to self: Write that dissertation about the function of "The Role of the Mormon Bishopric as Pimp"] [Memo to self: Explain to 1hotwahine about the medical aspects of the harem so tnat she understands why it is medically prudent for the male to have multiple sex partners and not prudent for the female]. What this basically means beautiful BarbieBunny is that for my health the cat Belladonna will remain outside for now.

Como. Gerald J. Peterson
U.S. Naval Institute 1-395990

barbiebunny 37F
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9/20/2005 1:14 am

Lmao@ mormon thingiemahbobber..please do dont ge tme started....on that....

why is it bad for your health for kitty to have babies in your laundry basket? I dont get it but it is late..Ill re-read

Its good to be...ME

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