Human Bird Flu Vaccine  

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Human Bird Flu Vaccine

BEIJING, Nov. 22 (Xinhuanet) -- China's State Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday gave the go-ahead for a Chinese-developed avian flu vaccine for human use to undergo clinical trials, which marks the latest progress China has made in pandemic vaccine research and development. Enditem

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ferret dies of bird flu Mar 9, 2006 11:48 pm
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Tiny news item today, a small ferret relative in the UK(England) has died of bird flu. This animal wasn't in contact with infected poultry that was being processed, it was infected by some other means of exposure to the virus. It 'caught' the flu just like we catch the flu. This must be a mutated form of the bird flu because the previously known strains aren't contageous to mammals. Sooooooo, now it is contageous to mammals and we're mammals.
Please be aware of the treatments and suppliments that can keep you from developing a bad case of this flu, you can keep it minimal with a few over the counter things and can keep the side effects of this flu to a minimum and survive it. You can wash your hands after touching anything anyone has touched and before you eat or pick your nose, whatever. You don't need to do anything now but know what you might need to get, cimetidine is already selling out as soon as it gets on the shelf at Wal-mart, it is one of the best immune stimulents for this strain of flu and people are realizing it. The other info is at Avian Influenza/Bird Flu read it, become familiar with it, learn where you can get these things. If and when this flu gets bad worldwide these things will vanish from the shelves in a day or two then you and 300 million other people have to go to a doctor or hospital for some treatment that hasn't been developed yet, I hope it is developed in time. I have everything on the above list, it cost 40-50 dollars but it's all health enhancing stuff, I take most of it every day, maybe you could too or at least get enough for yourself and your loved ones........

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