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5/3/2006 7:11 pm
More Ramblings


Hmmm how to start. Well to think that alcoholism is not a disease is a big mistake. A lot of people will say it is not and it is just a condition or a physical addiction to the drug. I would say it’s a little of both. When drunk we have so much fun and forget the things that usually turn our world upside down. Yesterday we had so much fun with our friends and acquaintances that I would like to believe it would not have been that way if alcohol were not involved.

I walked a country mile in those shoes and saw a many thing while I was in them. The endless abandon of running around and chasing tail is the most fun I have had in days. I think that talking shit and trying to get laid is the funniest thing since Sinbad. I can’t say that I always am looking for the next piece of ass but that would be a lie. Constantly I am trying to stick a dick in something. What would it be if something were not so constant? Everyone I know is looking to get laid by a new girl. Even if we are engaged in a relationship we still look. Being one of the most common ten commandments that is looked over and so many times broken one would think that it should be just erased and replaced by a newer more PC version. Even when I am taking a night off from pursing the finer things in life I like to observe the stupidity of the human race by letting people reproduce. To see what kind of women my friends are hitting on or taking home that night is just funny. The whole mating ritual is just crazy, the posturing and what not is and could be the funniest things if ever recorded. Real life antics are great. Sometimes we try to get a girl so hard then by some outside influence it doesn’t come to be. A cock blocker or by some act of random violence by another you and your prey (We call them that sometimes) end up separated of one another and your prey gets away.

The greatest thing about having a good time or chasing tail is the whole eventuality that you might and I say might get some pussy. When we don’t get some by this new tail we are chasing we call the old pussy that we have or someone who we know will give it up. We call this (fall back pussy). A lot of younger guys will burn bridges and what not and that is such a mistake. You have to keep some of the old stuff around and keep in contact with them just for them express circumstances that merit them. When you tell a girl off and take away her birthday and then try and find some new shit it could just blow up in your face. There are some factors that go into this. Like if you go out to the same places all the time and such you tend to run into the same people. Those same people have the knack of knowing one another and there for your telling off of just one girl could and most probably will affect your love life. The one thing I know from being in the game is that, nothing when it comes to chasing pussy is certain and being a so called player is a draining experience. It could take you a long time to get some pussy and some times it doesn’t matter what game you spit it is not going to work in the least. Some girls don’t respond to certain types and some girls do. You can say that you are destined to pull a certain type of girl all the time but then I have seen some people pull girls that are way out of their league. Maybe the girls is just slumming or looking for the bad guy type that night or maybe that’s what they are into. It’s just strange some times. Then there is this code that you are supposed to follow that you are not to fuck around with your boys girls but now we come to a time that is now and that loyalty to our fellow man is gone. Or maybe its just the type of girls now that we are fucking around with the is changing us. These so called hoes that want to have threesomes and get ran through as a part of their lives. If these are what the women are the next generation are going to grow up to be then well I think it will turn to shit soon. But back to the code, I think since everyone wants to get around things and beat the system or win on somebody that we have forsaken all the old rules that we once lived by. So much has changed and what not and who knows where it will all take us.

There is the Seinfeld syndrome and what not. You can call it what you want but that’s what I call it. You see a girl for a while and one thing she does get to you so much and it could be the littlest thing and you dwell on it so much that it causes you to break it off with her. Maybe its when the New wears off the relationship or what but that is my coin phrase. And drinking is what brings forth not only out inhibitions but our need to say and do some stupid shit. It’s the drink that makes us well not makes us but makes it possible to voice our problems with the opposite sex. Taking home girls that are ugly is the main thing most of us do when we get wasted or maybe fat girls cause we just look for a piece to stick our dicks in. That could lead to repercussions and what not that is not needed in ones life. We all have done it now and again regardless whether we want to admit it or not. Most people will try to avoid it but it happens and then we walk them out the room or the house and try to sneak them out so that we are not to be seen.

The comradery that pimpin brings is another thing that comes from playing the game. We all take our wingman or our “Goose” out with us to run interference with the other girls and what not. Really it is a basic instinct that we act upon in hunting our “prey”. Cause girls run in packs and so you have to be on your best game, and have an accomplished man with you to grenade jump on the ugly one or the fat one. A good wingman will understand for the sake of your buddy will do this for him and not care. But then there are limits. Some people don’t work well together and some do that’s the thing. Some people are not natural wingmen. Some are natural “Mavericks” or aces that depend on that wingman maybe it are the hierarchy of things or what not; the natural run of things that make things turn out that way. But your natural leaders are some of the best wing mans in certain situations. Some times the girls you are hunting are above your wingman game and you must evaluate the circumstances. Man sometimes the wingman doesn’t even want to help and is there to just fuck you up and make him self look better. No one should hate at all. There are those who don’t know any other way other than to hate. These people are everywhere and you really can’t do anything about it. Just deal with it is what you must do. The Hater is a time not honored tradition amongst the player ranks and sometimes I think they don’t even know that they do it. You can tell them but all they do is say no they didn’t and continue to the very next time. There are a few reasons that I think they do it. One is that they can’t get any girls except to hate on other people. Two is that they might want the girl you are talking to and they know some dirt on you so they mess your shit up that way. There are many ways to hate and most do it by embarrassing you or making some shit up to mess your game up. You can beef up your game but most of what they tell the girls or girl is final and the girl might believe them more. The only real way is to hate back but most true players won’t hate and so just leave them be and inform other people of their nature.

Another form of Haters is the “Cock Blocker”. They are the time not honored tradition of hating on the player. They are the ones that fuck up most of the your game by letting you talk to the girl and get the ice broke, then they swoop in and hate, Haters and Cock Blockers and two complete different types but they operate in similar circles, and sometimes are one and the same. Some Haters just hate and do not seek to get with the girls but maybe don’t like you; but a cock blocker wants to get the girl and will do much of what the haters do just to get the girls. You can let them know to back off right then and there when they are trying to hate or block. That does work some of the times but not all. There are some that would say that they aren’t blocking or hating but that they have more game. That would be true if you fuck up and get shot down and then they pull the girl but if at anytime they interfere with you and they come between you and your prey they are what you said they were. On what I was talking about earlier sometimes the girl doesn’t want you and goes after your friend after you start talking to them. In this you have to be careful on who you introduce to them as you are picking them up. You might have a hater with you and as soon as you introduce and the girl shows any interest in them they will pounce on your prey. That is just the way of things. Most of your friends if they see the girl starting to show interest will either ask you if its cool or just walk away from the situation. This is the way it should be.

Funny thing love. It is concept that both parties should be into at the same time. When some one loves some one it is hard to tell right from wrong and vise versa. Helping people realize that what they are feeling isn’t love could be detrimental to later lifetime experiences. Subject one lost something special to this cat and now wants him no matter what. Lost cause? Who knows, I think not. It could be that she is coming to a realization that its not all what it seems in the game. Some people tell girls they love them just to get the pussy and that can have bad ramifications down the road. That is a maker of the psycho.. Oh we have all met one unless we haven’t been around a lot. One of those girls that seem real cool and then won’t leave you alone. Goes crazy and tries to talk to you every time they see you. They either don’t want to except that they are the afor mentioned booty call or they know it and deny it cause you fucked them real good. It is strange some times when this happens and is a game fucker upper in its own right. Cause you end up always worrying that the stalker psycho bitch is going to fuck up your night cause you don’t want to see her that often. She is a girl that you have either hung out a lot with or talked to enough in your dating time to know where you hang at. Or she is a really good listener. Most guys need to pay attention as girls do to the conversation and see what they are really saying. Let me tell you this everyone lies no one tells the whole truth. People don’t want the truth they want what they want to hear. It’s that simple. I try and tell the truth on what I am feeling and what I am doing all the time its too simple just to be like bam and see where it goes. Some people respect the truth and so it’s that simple. Most people are like damn that’s fucked up and don’t see the value in truth. You can tell half-truths and lies and I think that they are easier to take and also easier to cover up. You can always cover your tracks and get out of a half-truth but when you tell a complete and total lie it has to be covered by a new lie and that can be disastrous.
Is there an end to playing the game really? I wonder some times if that is true. You can like someone and it can be cool but it is not right to throw off your shell and open your self up I think that is the deal. I think that is why most people play is that they don’t want to get hurt but they don’t care to hurt other people. I believe that not everyone is for everyone but you can reach an understandment in the fact of mutual consent and have a good time with one another. Why do friends hate on one another for a time? To protect their one interest? Why is it that no one is truthful? As I write this I am so mad and just want to vent but oh well. We try and quit the game but that is just too hard cause everyone is trying to play and playing is in our nature I believe. We should strive to become better people and just be real. Why is it that when I try to like someone it always turns out to be a bad thing. I have tried twice and twice it has blown up in my face. I think that I will just quit and be what everyone expects me to be and just give into the evil side of my ambitions. Well I found out that I couldn’t be mad at someone that doesn’t like me because I like them that is the way things go and shit. So I ponder if it is likely that I will find someone that will be a good partner for me for the reasonable time that I have left. In today’s age all that is left is the game and what not, everyone wants to be plated and ceramic coated so that nothing hurts.

Well so I think that the drug scene is what is making everything go crazy its all about getting high and fucking around and getting wasted and having a fake good time cause without fun or the idea put forth in your head that you are having fun we can’t be cool and we can’t get girls. But the realism that nothing is the same is true. Nothing is the same even from day to day. You have so many people trying to get the same girls and so it takes away from the game and almost makes things hard well it does make things hard cause these girls are playing us as we play them. If we don’t get to them first then they go with some one else and they have so many people on their list that they are fucking with that the moment we bore them for the littlest thing they bounce to the next guy. It’s kind of like being a logger. You have to chop down the trees to get to the forest and that takes a while. And in order to plant the garden in the forest you just cleared you have to pull out the weeds, and believe me there are a lot of weeds to pull. I don’t know what to do by a chainsaw or keep the ax and go a chopping. Loggers work methodically by topping the trees then they cut the trees off at the stump but there is no time for all the methodical shit. Its just chop chop chop all the time.

Well there is another thing I think must be shared. Sometimes you get lucky or maybe you run into these girls and all they want is the dick. Just a few days ago we ran into these girls and right off the bat we knew we could fuck. It is amazing sometimes when this happens some times the girls are not so great and sometimes it could be that you just fit the bill for them that night. Some days its easy to bring them home they are open for things or sometimes they might be like later but they want to fuck so you keep in touch. Most the time it’s just a one-night stand and you aren’t obligated to get a number or some shit to make these girls feel good. All they want is some dick and that’s ok for them that night regardless of the fact that they have a man or not. When this comes about it is mandatory that you make small talk and keep the situation from falling apart. You could fuck things up by saying the wrong thing. You should keep the girl occupied and just be cool. In these situations the girl is usually in charge. Its up to her or them to take the night where they (the girls) want to go. You should not ask for there number or where they live unless it’s a general question. For instance, like ”where are you from?” Asking anything that could sound like you would want to know exact places and shit could make them think you are a stalker and ruin you and your boy’s night. Take care in some things you say and do. You can get a phone number but most the time its just a one night stand so it’s not important if they give you the number you have just became a booty call to them. Or they you, mainly they will ask for yours. Most these girls have a man and just wanted a good fuck because he pissed them off or is out of town. Maybe he hasn’t been around long enough or been giving her the dick right and so they go out to get laid. It could be a myriad of things that cause these things to happen. It is a rare thing but it happens often enough if you are in bars and clubs you just have to fit the certain bill for these girls that are head hunting. Most these girls are not whores but just want a good time for that night. They will usually say some shit afterwards like “ We are or I am not like this” this is their way to make them feel better about the fact that their mother would kill them if she found out that her little daughter got ran through cause she got drunk and took on the football team.

I have seen women who are married wild out and go crazy cause they are by their selves and flirt even though it is wrong to do so. Girls are so not supposed to be cock teases or something like that. It is not right, some girls believe that they are better looking than they are and so flaunt what they don’t have just to mess with a guy’s head. Most the time it has to do with alcohol or drugs and makes the night a little bit crazier then it should be. It’s a funny thing to watch. Just sit back sometimes and observe what is going on. You don’t always have to be in the game and you should sit back and watch. I do this from time to time especially if the girls that are involved are not what I want. Or not good looking enough to me. Some times you can hook up at social functions like bar-b-ques or house parties. House parties are probably the most easiest to hook up at but any social function is good to spit game at a girl or girls that it would normally take a while to fuck. It is hard to do these things when out in a bar or club cause some times the girls that go to House parties or Bar-B-Ques are not the same type of girls that go to bars and casino’s or clubs. Some girls do take work to get into bed this could be a good thing or a bad thing it just depends. Chasing pussy is fun really, some times you lose and some times you win. It could take months or weeks just to do this. Eventually you will get the pussy or not but it’s the chase that is the whole reason we do things. Some girls might have a man and they might want you but they are too good to do these things. Or maybe it’s the wrong time for them. You can keep in touch with these girls and hang out with them from time to time and work the issue, stay in the wings and pick them up when their man and them break up or when they are ready. It could be some of the best sex or it could be bad sex and then you are just like damn well it was fun chasing this girl but it wasn’t worth it. I don’t know why sometimes we get angry when we chase after these girls and don’t get the pussy. . It’s the chase that is the fun and getting the pussy is the point but the chase is the whole reason we do this. Learning a lesson or having a revelation if you don’t get the pussy is important.

Helping of the lesser people or giving advice is always good as long as it gets you some where with said persona. It borders on the lines of blocking and hating but for the most part it is ok as long as the person you are sabotaging is a nut fuck and doesn’t deserve what he is doing. For example there are many levels of players in the game from Rookies to All Stars and it takes a while to get and keep your rank. You might meet a girl and go on the DL list and then come back to the game to find some of the rules have changed and some people have became better at what they do. A second string guy might have figured out his angle and is now doing real well in certain areas of the game. Let me get back to what I was saying. Some people on the other hand cannot and won’t listen to advice or anything. They are too set in their ways and won’t listen to outside advice and think that they know what they are doing. This is not always the case and some people do listen.

Well the whole reason to set up some pussy is so that we don’t have to chase it around all that night. Some times it doesn’t come through and for that you can be mad but not all around pissed off. It is an accurance that isn’t justified but is aloud cause sometimes there are extra circumstances that are involved and there for are aloud to happen, does it cause the person who dips to lose points in the other ones eyes? Yes it does and for that it can be hard to recoup those points unless you have an airtight excuse or are good at lying so that they believe you. I can’t say that I have always succeeded in all my endeavors but most of them I have. You have to make sure the one piece you are passing up is not new pussy cause they are not always thinking that you are the one. Women change their minds like a bee pollinates flowers. It is a good course to either finds a girl that you have already hit or some one that you know wants to fuck you and you are playing with to dip out on. The only reason you should dip out on some one is if you and your boys get in some trouble and you don’t want to get the piece you are trying to fuck in the mess, but that in itself is a good excuse and would probably take you up a notch in their eyes, or if some how you are able to pull another girl right behind their back. Trying to pull one right behind their back can be a sticky situation. Some girls are really needy and therefore take a lot of pruning some girls don’t mind being left alone as long as you go home with them, or maybe they want to just see you every once in awhile. This usually accures when you take the girl along with you and your boys or your date and some friends meet you at the bar/club scene.

Some times there are people who want to date your ex’s this is an off limits subject. It has and always will end friendships. There are always exceptions to the rule and it should be handled as such. One you should ask your friend if you are feeling his X and if he gives you permission then you can go for it. Two is just to talk to her and date her behind his back. This is what usually ends the friendship. It is in the code and you should not do it that way. Some times the girl feels one of your friends and it’s not your boy’s fault. The girl doesn’t have to ask you for your permission but your boy should see about it from you. Even if you are done and don’t have her on the DL list for a piece of pussy your boy shouldn’t flaunt her in front of you. One cause that is a testimony to your failure, two cause it just is not right that’s why it was put in the code as a thing not to do. There can be exceptions to this as there is to every rule but it comes in the form of clubs and shit. Your friend shouldn’t just hang around and be with her right in front of you. It’s already a slap in the face that he did this devious deed to you. And to hang out with you like you shouldn’t have a problem with it oh the humanity!

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