~~ When Someone Remembers ~~  

MaggiesWishes 61F
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2/17/2006 11:52 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

~~ When Someone Remembers ~~

The male mind never ceases to amaze me.
I've come to realize that there are the few, ~ men ~ that are the exception to the "rule" ... as they do have feelings and they do remember you, as a woman ... even long after the fact.
And then ...
Sometimes, they even share those memories with you.

Share with me. What makes a woman, so special, that you remember her?

A certain song, a scent, her kiss, her smile, her eyes ... that remarkable "something" special ... that keeps her, from escaping your memory.

fantasylover_05 63M

2/17/2006 12:34 pm


It is so many things.... all of those things you mention... eyes.. smile... kiss...... and along with that.....


A woman I can LAUGH with... share with.... be comfortable with... one that stands her own and speaks her mind... one that is direct and open with what she desires and wants....

One that can be.. in a single word... a PARTNER or EQUAL

tillerbabe 57F

2/17/2006 12:44 pm

I can't answer this....I'm a chick! (damn)..but I can't wait to see the responses!

muscles4u2have 56M
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2/17/2006 12:48 pm

There are so many factors. Her perfume, how the night began, her touching, her beauty, her eyes of fire and yet soothing. Then there is the love making: The look in her eye, her gorgeous body, the noises she makes as she moans, the words she says, her warmness deep from in!! The beautiful feeling of satasfaction by both. So much more that you can't really discribe, what me to show you!!
TGIF!! Have a great weekend!!!

MillsShipsGayly 53M

2/17/2006 1:20 pm


When you have connection all senses are heightened and the neural pathways are teaming with activity. Every scent, smell, touch, vision and taste is associated with HER. Someone asked a s imilar question the other day and it reminded me how whenever I smell cigar smoke I think of my grandfather ...

MaggiesWishes 61F

2/17/2006 1:57 pm

<~~~ gonna sit back with Tiller and see what happens

rm_lockestryfe 37M
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2/17/2006 1:59 pm

The thing that reminds me of any woman from my life is the way we hug each other. There was a time when I'd want nothing more than to have my ex in my arms, and the return of that feeling... Course, she liked hugging lots of people, and then some... hence ex...

ticktock500 45M

2/17/2006 2:11 pm

it is how your love makes me feel that leaves me unable to forget you.

spinmedown 50M
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2/17/2006 2:18 pm

I remember how the "chemistry" made me feel.
I'm sorry that I can't be more specific, but it isn't something that I can put into words.

Most people are other people... FUCKING CHARACTER LIMIT!!! ~Oscar Wilde

rm_Young102 41M
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2/17/2006 7:23 pm

Hmm... men with feelings? That's an interesting concept. I thought all men we were pigs.....but it's not our fault.....blame the testosterone...

To get serious I think that it is the validation that most respondents are trying to artilucate. Basically a woman who validates a man as the best lover she will be remembered forever. Of course there are dozens of natural characteristics and factors that will be kept in memory as schemas to embody the mnemonic nods of associations but all these lie in the feelings of validated masculinity that a woman brings to a man.

BTW your new photo is dynamite!

gnr8nrg 47M

2/17/2006 8:01 pm

Hi Maggie for me it's the emotional connection. Sometimes they are in our lives for a long time and sometimes it's brief. Some are physically intimate and others just an unexplainable bond or closeness.

MaggiesWishes 61F

2/17/2006 8:06 pm

Speak to me now ... you have my full attention ...
And you remembered, her ...
she crept under your skin, your memories ... in moments, looking back .. you heard her voice ... took a deep breath ... and wanted her ...

tell me...

kyplowboy22 62M

2/17/2006 8:27 pm

I have special memories of a lot of women, most not even lover's of mine, but they had something that left an impression on me. For some it was their smile, their laugh or simply the way they saw the world around them and talked about it. I guess the things that make a woman special are as countless as the number of women that there sre. Later


rm_JohnnyGrave 70M
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2/18/2006 2:31 am

What she burned into my heart and soul. The magnatism she has that keeps drawing me back. The never ending reminder of all her special scents. Her hair, her lipstick, her perfume, make-up, her sweat, her. The way she would look so deeply into my very soul. And then there was the kiss. I can't share that with you. But I will neveh, eveh, forget it. It's her kiss that I miss.

Efilnikufecin69 48M

2/18/2006 4:20 am

Everything! Simple as that. I remember ALL of my past loves. Each and every one!

rm_clitoral_man 52M
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2/18/2006 8:40 am

There are sooo many things about a woman that are spcial and memorable! In no particular order..her eyes when she smiles and laughs, and is excited, aroused or flirting...the way she looks when she blushes (or is flushed with excitement)...how she tilts her head and looks with a mischievious grin and teasing gleam in her eyes...the sound of her voice and feel of her warmth as she whispers her erotic desires in my ear...the sight and sound of her laugh...feel of her lips and tease of her tongue during a passionate kiss (or kisses)...the excitement of her embrace as she presses herself against me...the way she reacts when I kiss the soft warmth of her neck, or caress her nipples...the scent of her perfume, and the essence of her sex...how she puts on lipstick or eats ice cream...the way she caresses my hand, arm, thigh, chest (hmmm...pretty much anywhere)...the way she reacts as I caress and kiss over her body...the sensuous way that she moves and walks/carries herself...how she stretches out her bare legs or arches her back...the way she dances for fun, or dances and jumps with joy and excitement...the warmth of her cheek resting against my chest...the feel of her hair running through my fingers...the ways she expresses her passion...how she looks, feels, tastes and sounds during love-making and her orgasms...the look in her eyes and on her face when she makes me cum...the way she feels against my body, savoring the afterglow...

spinmedown 50M
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2/18/2006 2:31 pm

the gentle touch of her soft, small, warm hand on my forearm....

It always
dispelled my troubles
calmed my anger
comforted my sadness
awoke me from my daydreams
shattered my lonliness
reminded me that I didn't always have to be strong
made me feel accepted
made me feel wanted
made me feel loved
made me feel alive
got my full attention.

Such a simple little thing. I miss it.

Most people are other people... FUCKING CHARACTER LIMIT!!! ~Oscar Wilde

New_2_it_all2 54M
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2/18/2006 7:13 pm

EVERY woman I've ever met or been with was special to me and all in different ways. My mother for her dedication and love, my sister for allowing me to experience a different view of my world, my friend Shelia for showing me love doesn't have to mean sex, my first kiss from Lisa and despite being inept it was still the sweetest, the way Pamela walked and held herself, the sweet smell of Rosa, the short skirts my 1st grade teacher wore ...

I could go one for days but suffice it to say that everyone is special, but every WOMAN is not only special but wonderful in one way or another. I just thank God every day that I've been allowed to have so many friends and loved ones, even if my list of lovers doesn't fill a hand ...

rm_bigchoklatdk 46M

2/20/2006 11:32 am

For me Maggie, its the "little things" that causes me to remember.....a certain scent of lotion or perfume. Missing the phone calls to see how I'm doing....the little "I love you's"....sometimes even a tv show that we use to watch together will cause me to remember her, along with the big things of course..... the love, sex...romance. .....Oh well, those days r long gone!!

MaggiesWishes 61F

2/20/2006 11:43 am

Ahhhhh.... you guys are a "cut" above the average joe!!!
Beautiful comments, the women in your life have been very lucky.

Dang, can I have some DNA from each of you and make me a boyfriend?
::wants to change careers and be a scientist for women now::

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