Getting Steamy!  

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4/26/2006 4:04 pm

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Getting Steamy!

Posting for April 26, 2006

Mr. Sexy was at work today, finally! He's been at meeting for the last two days...I decided to turn the heat up a little by dressing up more. I wore a little black skirt with black pinstriping and a slit down the side. A thin, white tux shirt and a white, lacey corset under it that laced up the front. The corset gives me lots of cleavage to my already 34 C's and you can see it through the tux shirt. I also wore stilettos to make my long legs seem never ending. I must admit, I looked hot. Now, I know you're thinking "who wears this shit to a professional job?" well just a little back ground info about the place I work for...I'm an accountant for a company that distrubutes porn and also does web hosting for the industry. So, we all pretty much dress sexy since we are around it all day and have to deal with clients who expect to see it when they come in. Granted it is a professional atmosphere...with a little umph!

So this morning when Mr. Sexy came in, I had my legs on my desk all stretched out looking at some numbers. Hair up and glasses on (the hot teacher look). He breezed past me and took a nice long look and gave me the cutest, sly smile. About 45 minutes later he called me into his office. I go in and sit in the chair in front of his desk and patiently wait for him to get off the phone. After he hangs up he asked me to come around to his side so I could look at something on his computer. I strolled over and leaned down. He backed his chair up a little so I could get more. I felt his eyes roaming up and down my ass and legs. I asked him to look at something with me that didn't seem quite right, so he rolled closer. As we leaned in looking at the computer together, he turned his head towards my neck. I could feel his warm breath; his lips just an inch away. "God, you smell good," he whispers. I turned and smiled at him. If we were the only people in the whole office, I know he would have kissed me. Instead he took his right hand and gently brushed the outside of my thigh. I closed my eyes and moaned softly. His hand went to the back of my thigh and started to slip under my skirt. I could feel my pussy swelling in anticipation and I was so wet...just then, he secretary walked in! I wanted to physically harm her but I straightened up and started to leave his office. Before walking out I turned and said to him, "I'll get you what you want as soon as possible." Hopefully he knew I wasn't talking about work!

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