who likes to fuck? Is there anyone on here that's for real?  

MadStamina2 39M
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4/27/2005 7:36 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

who likes to fuck? Is there anyone on here that's for real?

I have had very little success on this web site. In the whole time I have been on here I have sent messages to about 60 women. The result? Come to my web page and get my phone number. Almost every time. If you have gotten some ass or even had a remotely satisfying experience, please let me know.

yellowsubmarin13 34M

4/27/2005 8:24 pm

I have MET some very nice people, haven't hooked up with any though. But yeh, most people are solicitors trying to con you into visiting pay for porn sites disguised as home pages. I have mety many cool friends though, just wish there were more REAL people. The problem is that there are ten guys to every woman on this site too. Keep trying, but if you contact standard members, give them some way to contact you... even though AdultFriendFinder doesn't want u to do that. Good luck!, and uh... by the way, women don't even open mail here without face pics...duh!

Ecaffine 53F

4/27/2005 8:24 pm

it`s really not that bad and there`s actually some real women on here...just keep looking.

horneynymphgirl 51M/48F
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4/27/2005 8:27 pm

There are people on here that are "for real" myself and my sweety, and the couple that we met from this site...we got together and have decided that we are going to see more of each other....all I can tell you is not to just jump right in with the first person you meet..talk to them first, meet them and then if things work out for you "GREAT" Don't give up just because you have had a few bad weeds......

rm_tutoredkitty 52F
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4/27/2005 8:44 pm

Hey, I do like to fuck...that's why a have someone else on the side. It sure is lots of fun!!! My husband is not to keen on it.

gapgirl82 35F
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4/27/2005 9:09 pm

hey sugar daddy...look no further. I am waiting to please your every need. I am just a hop, skip and two shakes of the leg away. If you are interested in anything and everything dirty, sexy, and adventurous, then let me know. I am willing to talk to you on the phone too and via email.

DallasPhallus56 62M

4/27/2005 9:10 pm

Yes, it does happen on here. Check my blog, since I'll be chronicling every time. Not all of them are from AdultFriendFinder, but several are and I'm still looking. Don't give up.

MilwPhat9Male 49M

4/27/2005 9:24 pm

I have had luck in meeting and fucking women from AdultFriendFinder. Just keep looking and you will find some real classy ladies to fuck over and over again. After all, what are friends for?

playfulwithyou33 57F
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4/27/2005 10:53 pm

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