Why I love hardware stores:)  

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4/2/2005 10:37 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Why I love hardware stores:)

I absolutely love hardware stores!!!! This spring break I decided to refinish a dresser and redecorate my bedroom. Yes, I am addicted to those shows on TLC and love watching all the shows where they build and remodel homes. Ever since I moved back home and started living with my parents again ( I am working full time, paying for grad school, and am in accelerated graduate program so I am done in 18 months which means heavier course loads. Not having more bills like rent thrown on to the pile has really decreased my stress ) I am socking away money so I can buy a house next year and have mental plans of what I want to do with it once I get it. In the mean time I am trying to make the most of my space

I've had to make numerous trips to hardware stores to look at different stains, hardware, and tools... I am a total DIY ( do it yourself ) chic and love working with my hands.. Sexually as well < wink wink nudge LOL!> There is a unique sense of satisfaction that comes with building, painting, or completing something on your own and being able to look back at it with pride.

Men are awesome at hardware store and are really nice to women... Not every one, but a great majority of them offer help and are really knowledgeable and give great advice. Not to mention in my eyes 90% of them are sexy as hell!!!! I love masculine guys, men who are built like men with broad shoulders, thick powerful hands and arms, and well muscled forearms. The testosterone seems to emanate off of them without any effort on their part and it turns me on.

Go ahead and laugh, but I even find their hard little beer bellies cute... Not the gross flabby ones, but the hard Buddha bellies that look like a miniature pregnant woman's belly. So many of them have that 'V' shape with the wide upper backs that narrow down into an equally sized and matching waist and hips. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

Of course these men are extremely abundant anywhere tools and manly things are sold so it makes my trips into "Man World" more exciting At my gym there are no men.. Just scrawny club head boys who worship Eminem and dress like Ali G.. So pathetic in my eyes seeing weeine boys running around trying to be tough and hard when you know that you'd have to dress them in a snow suit and soak them with a hose to make their weight teeter into triple digits.

No, I'm not one of those women who over dresses when she goes out and I pull my hair back in a pony tail, put on a little mascara, and dress in a fitted t-shirt and comfy jeans and boots that I can work in after I buy my stuff for my DIY jobs. I wander around the store a little bit checking things out and getting ideas for future projects and scope out the sexy guys. It made me feel great this week because I got a lot of smiles and a few winks as I geared up.

I kept running into a cute little stocky guy over and over again this week. He was about the same height as me, 5'9 and had to weigh about 210lbs. His sky blue eyes sparkled when we made eye contact and his beautiful smile melted something inside of me. He seemed a little shy even though his muscular body and posture exuded confidence and power. He looked down and away as I pushed my car past him in the aisle. I turned around to take a quick peek at his nice ass and he was looking at me. He got a sheepish grin as he turned bright red beneath his light brownish / blonde crew cut. I had a massive adrenaline rush and my legs felt heavy as my heart raced making every nerve in my body jump to attention. WOW!!! it has been so long since someone has made me feel like that and IT IS THE BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD!! ( Best feeling you can have with clothes on.. Had to clarify LOL! ) The walkie talkie on his Nextel went off and he snatched it to answer and walked slowly down the aisle.

I was still feeling jumpy and high and struggled to remember what I was looking for. Thankfully I still had a list in the back pocket of my jeans. I needed to calm down because I didn't want to act like an idiot. I found my last few items and ran into a different hot man at every corner and end cap. There were a few nasty white trash looking guys with long stringy unwashed hair, bad odors and prison looking tattoos, but a majority of them were clean cut working men.

I wandered around longer hoping to run into the stocky guy. I guessed at what he was there to buy and it had to be something small because he didn't have a cart or a flat bed. My nerve was up and if I saw him I wanted to at least smile again and say hi. I hoped that would spark a conversation and maybe we'd exchange numbers and meet for drinks. No, I couldn't find him.

I was bummed out and decided to pay for my stuff and leave. He ended up checking out in the lane next to mine. I wouldn't have noticed him, but he was looking at me and I could feel it so I looked up. We made eye contact again and both of us smiled. I felt like goo inside... I watched the muscles move in his forearms as he signed his credit card slip and it was so sexy! A friend of his caught up to him and they started talking. He looked at me and seemed distracted from his buddy as I checked out. I didn't know that to do so I picked up my bagged items and walked slowly out to my SUV hoping he'd catch up... I was unlucky.. Maybe next time, but until then I can enjoy dreaming about how his rough strong hands would feel touching and caressing every inch of my body and how his body would feel pressed up against mine.......

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4/3/2005 12:22 am

Well if you ever make it to texas I work at the biggest hardware store in the world...Home Depot and I would love to help you and give you a little wink while i was doing it.

sportyfun56 107M

4/4/2005 8:04 am

hmmmm.... dang hun, i'm going to have to pay more attention when I'm in the hardware store hunting for my next item or just browsing. It's so obvious it elluded me. Women going to hardware stores to check out the guys.
The unlikelyness of finding many 'weenies' there make a good hunting ground for ladies.


rm_bluegenes51 57M
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4/20/2005 10:56 am

Whew...glad to hear that the "Buddha's " of the world still have a chance. Do they have a chain store or local store.. I would never have to balls to admit that I went into a fabric store... eve nif I did.

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