Thrill of the chase??  

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4/9/2005 12:12 am

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Thrill of the chase??

I just got back from the gym and ran into the sexy Italian manager. Usually he is there during the days and I figured that if I went at night it would decrease our chances of running into each other. After my close call with Ryan I didn't want to put my will power through another test because it left me drained!

I walked in and as I ventured down the hall I saw the light on in his office. I thought, "Oh shit! Walk fast! Walk faster! Maybe he won't see you or he's not in there." Nope! I hear his deep sexy voice call out my name. I felt everything run cold inside of me and I stopped, quickly said hello and rushed to the locker room.

I got ready quickly and was about to hit the stairs and venture into the main part of the gym when from behind me I hear, "Hey! How are ya?"
I know I cringed and turned around to see his perfect smile and warm brown eyes looking up at me. We exchanged small talk as he walked backwards toward the elevator pulling a cart full of towels. "Come join me, I'm going upstairs too." I hesitantly got in with him. He had positioned the cart so I'd have to cram myself into a tiny space with him. I decided I wanted to create my own space and pushed the cart toward him so it was between us on the ride up.

When the door opened he stopped mid-sentence and opened up the door to a small storage room right next to the elevator. I got a quick drink from the fountain and started to walk away to stretch before he started talking again. He followed me to my mat and watched me stretch out. I could feel his eyes undressing me the whole time and won't deny I was turned on.

He stopped in the middle of a thought and walked away. I went about my work out going from the free weight area to the machines and back again depending on my routine. From time to time I'd look up and see him watching me as he cleaned. He'd smile and instinctively I smiled back. When I was doing lat pulldowns he restarted the convo and told me about his recent trip to Miami and his adventures jet skiing. I complimented him on his beautiful tan and said I was jealous because I am pasty at this point in time and can't wait to get some color. He walked off again... Okay, I see he does that so he can pull me back into talking to him... Never let a convo go stale or hit a stopping point... When things are going well walk away to keep interest and make me want to chase you.. Got it LOL!

I kept catching him watching me and started thinking that it was odd that this turned me on. Most people would be creeped out, but when you are attracted to someone it's fun to have the other person "stalk" you. You feel wanted and desired and nothing has happened to ruin that.. No bad kisses.. No lousy sex... Just the excitement of thinking about what could happen... In my life I've had the "chase" happen with so many men and I love it! Being wanted is a great feeling even if nothing ever happens. Sexual tension is a wonderful thing! Great ego boost and everyone wants to feel desirable and what better way to get that and stay out of trouble than having a "chase" take place?

He approached me again when I was doing a cool down and I looked at his left hand. THE RING WAS GONE AND THERE WAS NO TAN LINE! Hmmmmmm..... He kept digging and asking me,"So is there anything else new going on with you? What has changed since the last time we talked?" The last time him and I had any major conversations was back in August before I started getting sick and had just started my new job. Back then I was single and he knew all about me talking the virginity of the cop. I asked about his Harley... He had offered giving me a ride sometime and if he IS single I'd love to hop on and enjoy holding on to him and the rush you can only get from feeling the wind embrace your body while riding... He asked about my Jeeps because he still wanted to buy one if I had it.

Right then he noticed a very sexy blonde woman doing Pilates in the same area. She had a foam roll under her hips and was lying face down rolling back and forth on her hands. It was very hot and somewhat sexual because it looked like she was humping the roll. I tried not to chuckle as he stared at her as if she was a piece of filet mignon and he hadn't eaten in 5 days. I finished with him standing there drooling over the other woman and walked away without saying a word. Men really crack me up some times!!!! LMAO!!

I don't know if I am the only one, but I love the "chase"... That dance of trying to seduce someone without anything happening. It's so much fun and exciting!


4/11/2005 12:58 am

Stick to your guns!! Don't put up with that kind of crap from anygbody!! Good luck, and Great lays!! Scott

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7/12/2005 8:45 pm


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