Shortest Meet Ever  

Mackey05 40F
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3/29/2005 10:45 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Shortest Meet Ever

I just got in the door from the shortest date I have ever been on in my life. We met for drinks at a little Irish pub and I didn't even finish my Guinness before I got up and walked out on the guy.

We met on here and chatted once for a few hours over the weekend and I figured that if I met him face to face right away it would lessen the chances of him being a total ass like the last few AdultFriendFinder guys I've met... Nope.

My first red flag was that he had to weigh over 100 pounds heavier than his pic. The second one was this conversation;

Guy "Wow you are cute!"

Me "Uhh.. Thanks. You look a lot different than you pic."

Guy "Sorry. That was from before I started seeing my ex-girlfriend. I put on like 60 pounds while we were together. Too much eating and not enough fucking will do that to ya."

Me"I need a drink. Want one? It's on me."

Guy "Yeah. I want one of those blue boat drinks. You know one of those fruit punchy tasting things?"

.... I got up and bought the drinks and the thought of just leaving right then crossed my mind.....

Guy"Thanks, my ex and I loved to drink these together all the time."

Me"Must be a recent break-up. Were you together long?"

Guy "A year and 5 months. She is great and I miss her. I mean she is still my best friend and we hang out all the time. She moved on and has this new guy so I think I should move on and hook up with a chick like you. I think you're going to be a great fuck. I wish she could see it. I bet she'd be totally pissed."

Me "Sounds like you are totally hung up on her and not over the relationship yet. I'm not going to let myself be a pawn in your jealousy game. Sorry. Enjoy your drink and have a good night."

Guy "But I'm over her. I don't get why you think I'm not."

Me "Could it be that she's all you've been talking about and you mentioned her getting jealous about you hooking up with me."

Guy "I don't get it. I mean I am over her and I don't know where you got it. I'm over her because I am here with you trying to get laid."

Me "I have a feeling I could sit here all night and try to explain things but you'll never get it. I don't want to be rude, but I know this isn't going to work out. Sorry but I gotta go. Take care and good luck."

He sat there completely stunned as I got up and left him alone in the bar. Un-fricking-believeable!! I decided not to waste my evening so I hit my gym for my first workout in months and I feel great Why are so many men mentally and emotionally retarded? Not all of them are, but JEEZE!! The first guy I ever met face to face from this site ( the guy who said I was ugly after I gave him head and he didn't want to be my FWB ) started IMing me this morning telling me how horny he was.. Seems like I am the "fall back" girl, the girl you pull off the bench when your catcher isn't into the game. I ignored him and the idiot rambled on and on about what he wanted to do to me as I left the room, took a shower, walked my dog around the block and returned to see him still typing away about some fantasy he had. LMAO! I turned off my IM and started working on other things laughing at him on and off the whole afternoon.

keithcancook 61M
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3/29/2005 11:41 pm

I am chuckling over your experiences Mackey. I am not laughing at you but I am laughing with you. Thank you for sharing that. Those post-breakup/on the rebound folks come in both genders.

Apolybear 55M

3/30/2005 12:19 am

Hey Mackey, it's not just the guys. I have some internet horror stories with women that rival your experiences.

I'm surprised you stayed as long as you did and bought him a drink. I consider a grossly misleading picture to be a lie - which to me is a deal breaker.

A lady did that to me once. I introduced myself and made sure she was the person I was meeting. I told her I didn't appreciate being misled and told her I wasn't going to stay.

Btw, I always have a plan B in case something like that happens so I don't waist an whole evening.

Don't get discouraged, their are decent guys out there. Take care.

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3/30/2005 3:40 am

Mackey, I'm proud of you leaving. You didnt need that kind of bullshyt. You are too pretty and you were there for each other. But he was more concerned about his ex. And what she would think.Like you really cared. He needs to get over his ex b4 he can move on. I would have asked him if he wanted a drink but made my exit right there and left him thinking he was getting a drink, considering he thought he was just going to "use you as a f*ck". He could have treated you with more dignity and treated you like a lady. And not only talk about himself and asked you questions about you etc.. Smart move to always have a back up. I have to say when I have met people off the net (not from here) it has been fun, exciting, and scarey. I had one guy who tried to follow me home except he followed me to the police department. I'm not a person who's gonna go directly home since I dont want those type of people following me. If I want you to know where I live then i would give you my adrs. But, this guy was very scarey and after ordering the food. I didnt have that safe feeling in the pit of my stomach so I sneaked out. Until one waiter told him that I left and he paid the bill and hurry to follow me. Well I guess he learned his lesson that time. Since I called the police ahead of time and they were waiting. I told them that I was being followed. Thats why I"m very cautious when I go out. Considering I'm not 5 ft tall *yet* but I do have a sweet vechile that goes... So I mark that as a learning experience, not as a mistake. Since I learned from it. I have heard guys having the same feelings. But they sit thru the whole thing and regret the whole night instead of saying i dont see where this is going to work out, but I did have a good time with you. I hope you find what your looking for... Good luck on your next date hun.........

sportyfun56 107M

3/30/2005 11:39 am

You were absolutely right not to endure any more of this child's act than you did. What a callous clod to speak to you like you were his "dial-a-fuck". Just how did he think you were going to respond to that kind of treatment. Oh yeah, that's right, it wouldn't occur to him that it was a problem for you because his intellect and attitude don't allow for more advanced relational thinking beyond his own self. I mean, you showed up afterall. So you must just want to get laid by any guy that walks his fat ass through the door.

Another case of the morons making it hard for the rest of us. lol

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4/7/2005 10:25 pm

HaHaHaHa! That was funny as hell!

You've collected some really funny and interesting anecdotes here. They're all really well written too. I'd tip my hat to you if I was wearing one.

You seem pretty cool so I hope you have better luck with your FWB search!


"fruit punchy tasting things"
Hahahaha! That's hilarious!!!

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