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4/12/2005 10:13 pm

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Shield and Chik

I love the t.v show 'The Shield' and have been addicted to it since it's very first episode. I was initially hooked by seeing that Michael Chiklis played the lead role because I've had a crush on him since his days as the chubby Anthony Scali on 'The Commish' back in the 80's.

He got in great shape, shaved his head, and took on a role completely opposite of anything he had ever played before and is incredible! I admit I drool over him every episode LOL! I love his muscular stocky body, piercing blue eyes, charisma, sarcasm, confidence, and intelligence. I've always had a great love for intense alpha male kind of guys. I like his character, Vic, in the show ( I like the last name too ) on and off. His cockiness and swager made me smile the first season and I started to dislike Vic when he became a total manwhore and destroyed his marriage and family.

The show is intense, violent, very sexual, and raw... That is what I love about it! It's not for everyone and so many episodes hit nerves and make people really evaluate their views on what is right and wrong, different issues as well as how long of a leash law enforcement officers should have. All of the characters are unique and complex and it is a lot of fun watching them develop. Kudos to the writers for their creativity, having their finger on the pulse of current issues, and truly having a strong grasp of human nature! I am not a big t.v watcher and have never been addicted to a show and viewed it religiously.

Tapping into a psychological level, ( Yeah, Paging Dr. Freud! JK! ) Vic is a lot like the man I had an affair with.. Same body type, charisma, intensity, manurisms, and mistakes when it comes to making moral judgement calls. I relate to Danny, the female officer who had an affair with Vic during the first 2 seasons and broke it off because she started developing deep feelings for him and it wasn't just a "thing" anymore and it became difficult. She also struggles with finding a good, stable romantic relationship and balancing out her professional and personal lives. She is strong, yet vulnerable and fights for what she strongly believes in. Very weird!!

I don't know if 'The Shield' will last another season because a lot of fans stopped watching it. I've met a lot of people who love the show and really enjoy discussing plots and character development and many feel a lot has been lost because of the man Vic has become. As bad as some of the things he's done were he always did things that redeemed him and showed he wasn't a bad guy. Now the lines are very blurred and he isn't in charge and running free as he has in the past.

I am a huge Chiklis fan and love watching his interviews and seeing other things he's been in. I got in contact with someone in his camp a few years ago and was able to get a copy of his first movie, 'Wired' where he played John Belushi. The role nearly ended his career and he's overcome a lot and never gave up on his dreams of becomming a respected and sucessful actor. Due to connections I've made I've gotten to know people who work with him on the show ( got to know a lot about him and he is the sweet, cool and good natured guy he portrays in interviews )and came very close to meeting him and spending a day on set. The shooting dates of the show were delayed and changed due to him filming 'Fantastic Four' in Canada and I ended up in L.A a few weeks too early. I am really bummed because I'd love to meet him... If I had the chance to spend an afternoon with him I'd love to kick back and share drinks and cigars. He seems like a fascinating man and would have a lot to talk about.

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4/13/2005 1:07 am

Cool!!! I totally love "The Shield"'s by far and away the best show on tv right now, and definately will go down as one of the best cop shows ever. You can't help but love Vic's character, playing both sides of the law but still having the moral compass to do the right thing when it comes time to shithammer some lowlife scumbag. And he can be a real prick too, although that was pretty funny when he had the camera in Dutch's car taping him and his date..."Hungry like the Wolf"...LOL! I was laughing my ass off...last night's episode was awesome and that's what keeps me glued to it...almost an addiction watching that show, ya know? It's gonna be real interesting to see what happens with Shane's character, although I don't think they're going to kill him off anytime soon, that would be a bit premature. Glad to see others out there who appreciate quality tv...and this show rocks!!!

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4/13/2005 4:55 am

In the post cyber-sex-explosion era, I have to admit I've become pretty callous to things like what one usually finds on a blog like this. In most cases they're done clumsily - even fitfully - and try to sound more flowery than honest. It's what kept me from even bothering to come back here for a very long while.

However, after tooling around on here tonight for the first time in ages, I found your blog and spent an hour or so reading it (in fact I really couldn't stop). You seem to me to be a very sensual, passionate, and imaginative woman. I have a naturally curious mind and I love to soak up others' viewpoints and accounts of their experiences (especially women - who remain a total fucking mystery to me, lol). It's really refreshing to see a blog that isn't a thinly-veiled vehicle for being a total attention-whore, or about how much the author enjoys abusing their own genitals on cam with various kitchen utensils

BTW the piece on the flaky-skinned guy with the polaroids was PRICELESS. As well as the 'dumb email of the week award'. If I actually paid the people who write for my site (really off-the wall humor site) I'd hire you on the strength of those alone.


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4/13/2005 3:16 pm

Mackey the Groupie....

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4/18/2005 3:50 am

LOVE the you know if it is going to come out on DVD?

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4/19/2005 10:14 am

I think that is is on DVD already . Check the movie gallery.. or ask Val there she knows what is going on

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