Remembering 1 hot summer night  

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2/16/2005 9:22 am

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Remembering 1 hot summer night

My whole life a majority of my friends are male. I just get along with men a lot better and find it easier to trust them. I've had so many female friends get catty, be 2 faced, and stab me in the back... One of my good friends in college was a ruggedly handsome guy with a stocky build and piercing blue eyes. We spent many nights out partying and getting drunk then sitting and talking until the sun came up. We'd joke about how we'd be the perfect couple if neither of us were engaged ( he was engaged to his high school sweetheart and I was with my now ex-b/f ). There was a overwhelming amount of sexual tension between us that became unbearable especially when him and I would hang out and watch porn together or hit the local adult bookstore to shop for toys to use with our respective significant others. I graduated the year before he did and tried to keep in touch, but as with a lot of people when you leave college life behind sadly you realize you didn't have that much in common with certain "friends". I missed our close relationship and all the fun we had and never thought I'd see him again.

One Saturday night a good guy friend and I hit Wrigleyville in Chicago with his sister and her boyfriend. He was set on getting laid and like a dork had to tell everyone and show us his treasure trove of condoms. We popped in to John Barlleycorn's for a few drinks. The night before I was his wingwoman and helped him get 3 phone numbers and he was bound and determined to help me return the favor. On the lower level we checked out men.. He knows my tastes and after 2 hours and several drinks we realized it was a wash. All four of us went upstairs to dance. I was out dancing with his sister when I saw my good long lost college buddy. He smiled and forced his way through the crowd to me. My heart was beating fast and I was getting nervous the closer he got. I introduced him to my friend's sister and the 3 of us danced for awhile. I think she realized something was up and left us alone.

"God, it's been so long. Are you still with Mr. Creatine meathead?"

I laughed, "No, it's over and I'm single. Did you marry miss 'I hate giving head'?"

"No. I'm single too. I really think we need to find somewhere we can be alone."

I found my friends and told them I was going to be gone for a little bit then left with my college buddy. I could feel the excitement growing by the millisecond. My heart was racing, my nerves were jumping all over every inch of my body, I was getting so wet! He took my hand and led me through the crowd and out of the bar. As soon as we hit the sidewalk he started kissing me. I couldn't stand it! I wanted him so bad!!! We jogged down the alley laughing and smiling at each other still holding hands. He stopped.

"I can't wait any longer. We don't need a hotel do we?"

I smiled, "No."

We ducked into a carport and he pinned me to the wall forcefully as we kissed passionately. I could feel his hardening cock pressing up against me through his jeans which excited me. As he was licking my ear lobes and neck he carefully unbuttoned my blouse. I pulled his tight t-shirt over his muscular shoulders then unzipped his jeans. His hard and incredibly thick cock sprung forth from the zipper and the sight of it made me cum. He pulled down my tight black club pants and panties and lifted my up onto the hood of a black Saturn and started licking the lips of my pussy. Every lick felt like a jolt of electricity going through my body. I tried to keep my moaning down but I couldn't. His wet tongue flicked across my clit and I had one massive orgasm... And another... And another..

"Please let me suck you?!" I managed to belt out between moans.

"No. I want this to be something you'll never forget."

I had 3 more orgasms before I begged, "I want your cock in me. I wanna feel you!"

He grabbed my ankles and slid me back on the hood then hopped up on the car with me. His erection was even bigger and thicker. It's turning me on just remembering it right now! He slid his cock inside my tight pussy and started pumping it in and out of me. I put my legs up on his shoulders so I could feel him deeper in me as I clenched my muscles to milk his cock. Both of us were moaning and the hood was getting wet with our sweat and we were starting to slide. He fucked me harder and harder and finally he came. He collapsed on to of me and it felt so good feeling his wet body against mine. I kissed his forehead. All of a sudden the light in the carport turned on which sent us scrambling for our clothes. We rushed out into the alley naked with our clothes in a mound in his arms. Another couple waling down the alley saw us and started laughing. We waved and he jokingly shouted, "Do you wanna join us for round 2?" After getting dressed ( I left my panties somewhere in that carport ) we stumbled back into the bar with huge grins on our faces. I haven't seen him since and I will never forget that night with him.

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