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Mackey05 40F
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4/2/2005 12:09 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Questions about pics

Earlier I clicked around on this site looking at the pics of guys who had looked at my profile, hot listed me, sent me winks, or were on my cupid list. I have to admit that many pictures cracked me up. I DO want to understand what was going through the minds of the men as they had them taken or why they did certain things.

1. The classic penis photo where the man is wearing a t-shirt. Does the shirt act as a cum catcher or is your body that bad that you have to cover it up? Maybe you have some ink that would give you away on America's Most Wanted.

2. A pic where we have no clue what we are looking at. There seems to be a wave of male pics where they were trying to make their cock look huge by taking an extreme close up shot of their member. Maybe that was their intention, but did you look at it before posting? Can anyone tell what they are looking at without scrunching their faces up in confusion? Is that a penis? An ass? Your stomach? A photo of the surgery when your penis was enlarged?

3. Any pics with people's faces blurred out or with lines though them. Okay, we see you are wearing a NASCAR t-shirt or an Armani suit, but why are you blocking out the most important part, you? I love the black bar going through their eyes. It's like they are trying to say, "Look, I have all of my teeth and hair and have good skin. Please pick me!" I laughed so hard when there was a pic of a guy's torso wearing nothing other than a t-shirt with a line blocking out his penis. WTF? Could your wife or girfriend really identify your penis in a line up if they had to? LMAO!!!

4. The newest trend is getting a pic of how your ass looks in jeans. I swear men are doing this to get away with saying, "Yes, I do have a pic so don't whine." One guy had 4 pics of his ass in jeans on his profile.

5. Butt shots I've had so many men send me pics of their bare asses or them bending over in provocative photos that are probably the norm in gay porn mags. They are not gay or bi-curious and are not into anal play... Maybe they are trying to show off their nice butt.. Seems funny to me when there are more interesting body parts to photograph.

6. By far the most retarded pictures seem to come from men between the ages of 18-32. The picture of them making obscene gestures for performing oral sex on a woman. How old are you guys anyway and have you ever really been with a real woman Beavis? Have you Butthead? Do those pics really get any responses from interested women or do they all laugh at you like I did?

PJWeb 57M
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4/2/2005 6:05 am

you are right on with this analysis, makes me want to put on my jeans and take pictures of my butt. LOL

TommyBoy6996 44M

4/2/2005 3:49 pm

Holy hell! Not only is this dead on but I had to laugh for a few minutes before typing this.

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4/3/2005 10:42 pm

Personally, I'd rather they not display their penis as their primary pic so I don't see so much dick when I'm cruising groups or listing they happen to be on.

I wanted to see who my "competition" was also, and do some research on what information guys were posting, but with about a 50% chance of seeing some guy proudly gripping his crooked penis, I decided I was too Puritan to pursue that route.

searchforafriend 38M/34F

4/3/2005 11:52 pm

It's difficult to try and determine what kind of pics to post on a site like this... on one hand, some or most of us don't want someone we know to stumble across and see our mugshots on a swinger/sex site.. HOW EMBARRASSING. The other is trying to find out how you would like to represent yourself to the internet public in hopes that people like what they see. Most of our nicer pics are in our network albums so we can filter who gets to see them. We would really like to put some classier portraits up and next time we will.. in the mean time, hope people like what we have to show them.

(love reading your blogs Mackey.. very interesting and compelling brain waves you have. Your creative voice trully shows!)

~M (male)

rm_AngelL2QQkin 55F
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4/11/2005 6:28 am

After I posted my picture (of my face) I thought that what happens if someone see's me out. Are they going to confront me and how. What if I'm out with my daughter...... But I Hoped they would have the common sense not to say anything, or wait until she wasnt so close and say "I seen your pic on AdultFriendFinder, and.....blah blah" but didnt make he convo long. Since my daughter doesnt need to know I have posted my pic on here. But, at least my picture is a full face shot. I mean some of the pictures are like theyre hiding something or from someone and not being 100% truthful. I have seen some really scarey pictures, like a "guy" who looks like he's trying to break off his penis, or they take a very very close picture so maybe it will appear bigger. Well, guys I feel it's not the size, but "IF" you know how to use your tool. And not everyone is interested into seeing your cock pictures. Some of us would like to see who is sending us pm's or winking and the face shot is important. Not the size of your cock. Your eye's can tell a lot.. Well, this is how I feel... Mackey please keep posting I love reading your blogs.. Thank you

rm_AngelL2QQkin 55F
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5/4/2005 2:03 am

Love your blogs. I read them all. This one really cracked me up since your so right on soooo many points. If a female doesnt have a picture of her face, then the Men request it. But, when a Woman requests it... I have been told not until theyre ready to meet. Well, maybe I dont want to meet after that comment. You might be the guy I use to date *key word USE TO*. I'm thinking of removing my mugg shot off of here and see what happens. Would I get the same replies or what would happen. Maybe take a picture of my boo-tay see if that works LMAO...... Keep up the great work!!

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1/9/2006 2:53 pm

As one of your comments "How old are you guys?", I say this with a straight face. Guys don't grow up, they just get larger. I think that until most men get married and have kids, they stay big kids, even after they have kids of their own. I like your take on this pics that men take of themselves, but I think that women are a hell of a lot better to look at than men due to your senuality. Nothing is more ugly to look at than the male penis. I should know. I don't see how women even remotely think they're nice to look at. The best way to measure a man's penis is by his hand size. And that ladies you can take to the bank!

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