One that got away :(  

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4/1/2005 6:53 pm

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One that got away :(

Sportyfun56 has a great post about sexual regrets that we all have because of opportunities that we had but passed on.Check his out and share. Here is mine...

A few years ago I was a high school soccer coach and had a great assistant. He was a few years older than me and we flip-flopped seasons.. When it was girls season I was the head and he was the assist.. When it was boys he was the head and I was the assst.

Both of us had bad experiences working with other coaches and the first time we met we sat down and shared what we had been through and our philosophies on soccer and various other things. We were cut from the same cloth, totally in tune, and I knew this was going to be great.

I was wrong. Our kids were very lowly skilled and unmotivated. It was frustrating to us and we tried everything we could think of.. Even recruited opinions and advice from outside sources... Nada.. We realized we couldn't want to win more than the kids so our sarscastic nature came out. We joked around and no matter what he could always crack me up. No one has ever been able to bust me out of fowl moods like he did.

1 big problem... He was married. Him and his wife had a rocky relationship. She was very mentally unstable and tried running him down with a car one day and I pushed him out of the car's path. He had enough and moved out of the house and in with his parents and filed for a legal separation.

Summer came and we had camps. We grew closer and closer every day. I admitted the affair I was having and he was really understanding and supportive.. He shared what was going on in his failing marriage.. One day before the kids got there I was helping him stretch out his shin splints and was massaging his leg and he looked up at me. "I love you." It blew me away. I half jokingly said back,"You know I love you too babe."

We started flirting more, making sexual jokes and comments to each other. The season started and he lightly smacked my ass as I walked by on the sideline. I stopped and whispered in his ear behind the clip board,"You just spanked me." He smiled,"Yes I did." I winked and said,"A little harder next time okay?"

One night when I was filling out a media report there was an unbearable ammount of sexual tension.. There was always sexual tension and it was fun, but this night both of us wanted something to happen and it was obvious.

He leaned over me as I wrote and he commented on the boxes of candy the A.D had left out and how he loved them. I reached over, grabbed one, and slid it in his pocket noticing the nice sized bulge in his shorts. I jokingly said,"I gotta ask now, is that a candy bar in your pants or are you happy to see me?" He chuckled,"A little of both." Without looking up I said,"I didn't know you felt that way." He started massaging my shoulders,"You should know by now how I feel. I need to arrange some things in storage. You know where I'll be."

I knew what would happen and I had dreamed about it so many times.. Had so many fantasies about him and they all could have come true. I just couldn't do it. People were starting to see that something was up between him and I and I knew if we had sex it would be even moreso. I wanted him so bad but had deep feelings for him. I knew he'd eventually go back to his wife and it would tear me up if we got closer and that happened... I was in love with him and to this day I miss him... I regret not meeting him that night and will always wonder what it woud have been like.

IPman 62M
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4/2/2005 4:02 am

I had a similar professional experience at work with a tall younger woman. The nature of our work brings us together on a one-on-one basis for frequent meetings, emails and phone calls. We would also on occasion go to the local pub with a group of co-workers for a beer ever other month.

She viewed me as a mentor of sorts, I helped her navigate through some politics at work, and she trusted my opinions. Our conversations became friendlier as our professional trust in each other grew. One day she told me how she was struggling at home with her husband. He was obsessed with video games and spent either no time with my co-worker, or she felt overwhelmed by his attention. She asked me to go out one-on-one to get a beer and I dodged that with an excuse that I had to do some work at home.

We had a co-worker send us all the obligatory wedding invitation. I knew I had to go but told my wife she didn’t have to worry about it, I would go solo and sit with some co-workers. My lady friend came into work and asked if I was going and could she share a ride with me to the reception. Like a dope I said yes, during the next weeks she asked me if I had sent in my RSVP card and finally what was I going to wear? She wanted to sit with me and possibly dance with me.

This girl was hot, tall at 6’0” blonde and unfulfilled at home. I found myself fantasizing about dancing with her, drinking a bottle of wine with her and ultimately making love with her. The night of the wedding, she called and wanted to know when I was coming to pick her up? I gave her the time and I felt my stomach churning, what am I doing here? I did not want to blow up my career and knew that what was being set up here in the long run was a no-win situation.

Much to my surprise, she called back and told me she did not feel well and was not going to go after all. I believe in my heart had we gone to that wedding my life would have changed in some very bad ways. I am so grateful, despite the potential for some hot sex that nothing ever came of us. There is more to the story here but for another time: the one that thankfully got away!

cloud1945 69M

4/2/2005 5:12 am

Very touching,mospecially the last paragraph. I promised a girl once we would not go all the way and even after a year and a half I kept the promise. She asked it to be that way. Yet I always regretted I kept that promise. Looks like sex in this situation would have been the ultimate and most beautiful thing to have done, but you were wise----wonder why you were and how you actually had the stregnth to not go all the way????????????

mrpaulq8 47M
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4/3/2005 2:00 pm

Some of my best female friends are those which we flirt, go out for a drink, go back to eithers place, flirt some more but never actually do anything.
I think it makes our friendships stronger, yeah we often want it, but by not having sex, we maintain that bond.
Some of these 'relationships' have gone on since school days... yes they had schools when I was a kid!
In my opinion, its best not to ruin a friendship or your reputation for a (few) nights of fun.
Would be good though wouldnt it

sportyfun56 107M

4/4/2005 4:22 pm

Mackey darlin'
I'll share here what I directed to you on my own blog in response to this story of yours.

I know you felt a sense of pain and loss over your "regret". And a sense of the "bad timing" that I shared as well. I'm sure HE also knows some regrets over it as do you.

sportyfun56 107M

4/4/2005 4:24 pm

lol.. I think we can all mentally identify one (or more) that we were mercifully spared either by dumb luck, or a last minute stroke of common sense.
If we can't, hmmmmm.... that means we didn't avoid any of the mistakes. That's a life ouch.

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