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2/16/2005 7:07 pm

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For the past 2 weeks I have been chatting with a great guy twice a day and we totally clicked. We have a lot in common from our interests to our lifestyle to our sexual tastes. I have been feeling crappy with a cold and he's been sending me little get well Ims through out the day. We were planning on getting together this weekend and I was really excited.. Well.. Until a few minutes ago. We had just traded public sex stories and then he asks me, "Which one are you again? I can't remember who you are or what you look like." OUCH!!! I thought he was joking and shot back an 'LOL'. He responded with, "No I am serious. I don't remember who you are." I told him goodbye and he kept Imming me telling me I was being silly. It pissed me off and hurt because we've had some deep convos.... Ladies in IL, if an Irish boxer from Arlington Heights contacts you keep looking. He's a total jerk!

manupforall 60M

2/20/2005 1:43 pm

That is as bad as calling the wrong name during sex!

Just more to support the theory that most men are idiots.

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