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2/13/2005 12:42 pm

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My views

Argh! It's cruddy outside and right now I'm avoiding cleaning the house and getting planning done for work during the upcoming week. I figured I'd share more about myself and how I feel about some things that get brought up a lot here.

Oral sex I absolutely love giving it and recieving it!!

Uncircumsized cocks One word.. YUCK!! okay, a few more words LOL! I'm sorry, but I think they are nasty looking and tried to go down on an uncut English guy. The stench was horrible and I gagged and came close to puking without even touching it. I've seen disgusting "dick cheese" videos and pics on the internet as well as watched a guy jack off on cam and couldn't even tell he came because it got sucked into the foreskin... Sorry guys but I love cocks with nice heads minus the extra skin.

Married men I lost my virginity to a married guy and had an ongoing affair for over 8 years with him.. Still hook up from time to time but as time goes on it's less satisfying. Him and I were supposed to spend a full night and day in a hotel 2 weeks ago and he cancled last minute. I was extremely disappointed after we had talked about all of the fantasies we wanted to play out and even bought the toys... Stap on, butt plug, anal beads, a vibrator/dildo combo, nipple clamps.. It was going to be a night to never forget... Bummer! Back on track, him and I fell in love and because of his career and the fact he has kids nothing is going to change and it's made life hard at times. Sucks having things cancled last minute, taking a break from being involved when guilt sets in.. It's too much drama and a total rollercoaster!! I don't want to deal with the married man situation ever again! I do believe in marriage and that when you make vows you honor them. If someone decides to cheat that's their decision, but I won't be a part of it.

Fat men I do like stocky/ meaty men but there is a line I won't cross. When a man is so big his penis gets sucked into a layer of fat and becomes a second belly button that is a no go! If a guy's boobs are bigger than mine it's a turn off. I watched a guy get off on cam a year or so ago and he had to press down on the fatty area that should be his lower abs to get his dick to pop up and be visible so he could grab it. YUCK!

Skinny men Men who are so thin or fit that they have the body of a pre-pubescent boy are a total turn-off!! I am not a pedophile and want to be with guys who are built like men and not a little boy. I view them as being feminine as well... Just not my thing at all.

Ass play So many friends of mine say that if a man likes having things stuck in his ass or wants to be rimmed he is a closet homosexual. I totally disagree.. They could be bi, or a sexually liberated straight guy who has found out how good it feels. I could never rim a guy so I'd never ask him to do that to me... That's how I am. From time to time I like anal sex.

Big penises So many idiot guys send me and my friends e-mails and invites to their network saying, "I'm 'x' inches big and you can't handle me!" Okay, with that attitude I don't want to handle you! LOL! Big doesn't make better and kudos to you for having the genes to bless you with the King Kong dong that dangles between your legs. Maybe some women will drool all over themselves and kill their own mother to get to you, but I want a cool guy attached to it who will be fun in bed and treat me with respect.

Virgin men I don't have anything against male virgins, but as you read in my other blog post, as I do with anyone, I get pissed when people lie about things. I'd rather have a guy tell me he has zero sexual experience and he wants to learn and experiment than have your lack of experience and skill out you. Right now I'd rather be with men who have skills and know their way around the bedroom.

Small penises Yes, there is such thing as too small! I feel bad and am sorry One of my good guy friends in college would joke about how small his dick was all the time and I thought it was because there was a little sexual tension between us and he wanted to downplay himself so I'd be surprised. We ended up getting wasted one night and started messing around and sadly, he was being honest.. He was 3" fully erect and had the girth of a hilighter marker. He admitted that he swam in a normal sized condom and usually put a rubberband below the ring on the sheath to hold it in place. The experience wouldn't have been bad if he had other skills to make up for it.

Threesomes I had a MFM in college and it was incredible! I don't think I would want to repeat it because the whole time I was worried I wasn't satisfying both of them equally or enough. I could never be with another woman and have throught about it because it was the fantasy of an ex-b/f, but it totally turned me off.

S&M and Fetishes I've had a few guys contact me who had it listed as something they wanted to do. Out of the 10 that contacted me 9 had no clue what it means. I've seen the whole gammut of the S&M/fetish world because my sister is a professional dominatrix...Play piercing, medical, whippings, paddlings, degredation, Japaneese rope bondage, role playing, foot worship, fecal and piss play, mummification... None of it appeals to me.. Whatever gets you off is great, but it's not my thing.

Making contact with new potential sex partners I know how I feel is very different from how others view things but it doesn't make anyone right or wrong. I feel first and foremost you have to treat that person like a human being, not a sex toy, and get to know them so you can establish a level of comfort, communication, and trust. I hate getting e-mails and Imms from guys telling me they want to fuck my brains out and shoot cum on my face and stuff like that... I'm a human being first and foremost!

Allan8147 49M

2/13/2005 7:59 pm

Have really enjoyed reading your blog. Has made me decide to start my own up. Thanks.

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2/16/2005 10:20 am

Its too bad about not liking men that are uncut, because of some sick individual who doesn't wash!!!

trinimaster 57M

2/17/2005 1:35 pm

i am uncut and clean as a whistle....only comment that i get is that my precum is sweet.....and god knows that my head is soft and sensitive as hell...for some reason, i do not come easily, most women suck until they are exhausted, then i serve them what they desire....

PerthPete 52M
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2/20/2005 12:29 am

Hi Mackey, thanks for expressing your views, so succintly and correctly. I am delighted that you feel that you get together with people only if you feel mutual respect. This is what I try to achieve. Good Luck and have fun.

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5/1/2005 8:24 pm

Just came from Ill.(Highland Park), Hated it! Live in Ca. Take a min. to talk to me, Im'sure I could change your mind. Trust me, there is hope.


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