Iowa Hawkeye... Wear a helmet jackass!!  

Mackey05 40F
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3/30/2005 8:56 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Iowa Hawkeye... Wear a helmet jackass!!

Ladies, here is another gem of a man to avoid. Seems like you all have been because this 6'7 former University of Iowa football player is extremely desperate and keeps hitting me up. He was the first guy I ever met on AdultFriendFinder and I have him oral and he reciprocated nothing despite us agreeing on mutual oral, sex, and anal sex. I finally asked him what the deal was before blocking his stupid ass. On my list or idiots he ranks just above the newspaper reporter from Naperville. Here is the convo....

Jackass: how r u

Me: good..U?

Jackass: good just horny

Me: why are you telling me that and why do you keep IMing me?

Jackass: im sorry

Me: Why though? I asked you a simple ?

Jackass: because i am horny

Me:And you told me you are not attracted to me and don't want to be my FWB so what it the point?


Me: Just really dersperate and stupid or both?

Jackass:more stupid

Me:Go play with yourself and stop wasting my time. I'm not interested. Bye


3/30/2005 6:02 pm

You Go Girl!!

I`m sure somewhere out there SigEP is proud of the stronger Mackey also,


3/30/2005 6:58 pm

Hello, I just want to say some men you can't reach. My thoughts are that most men don't appreciate the women that they have any interaction with on any level. Though Jackass as he may think that he can garner your attention. Once he has it he has no clue of what to do with it. Probably married, of which I too suffer from the phobia Thank God I'm still single and having good and bad days with my status. But I can express myself effortlessly. A skill that is severely lacking nowadays.

rm_AngelL2QQkin 55F
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4/11/2005 6:43 am

I understand and have recieved those type of emails. Even thou my status states that I'm looking for committed. I have some sending me pm's asking if I wanted to help "him" get off on the net *rolling eye*. Obviously they didnt read my profile that I took time to fil out. And married men, contacting me. I'm sorry but I believe that your in that marriage and not happy like you say then get out. Do go to another "Lady" for your pleasure. Either work it out in your marriage or get out wtf *rolling eyes* I am also like you Mackey I wont lower my standards for anyone. I'm a Lady and expect to be treated that way. And not at all interested in a married man (ok I do have to admit some of them are really F.I.N.E.) but not enough to ruin a family. Then I would feel guilty. Mackey keep up the great posts. I read yours all the time..... Thank you

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