In IL...Gotta laugh!  

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2/12/2005 10:02 pm

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In IL...Gotta laugh!

I've been on AdultFriendFinder over a month now and so far things are disappointing. I know a lot of women can relate to recieving countless e-mails from men whom you know haven't looked at your profile because if they did they wouldn't have sent you anything. I've tried to be polite and send out a "Thanks, but no thanks" e-mail but some guys get irate and track you down and harass you through messenger. I've met a few guys in person and have talked to so many that I've lost track. It has blown me away that anyone has contacted me in the first place and it's reshaped how I see a lot of things. Here are my experiences so far;

Guy #1... A very tall former college football player whom I met up with at a bar in a Chicago 'burb. Nice guy, but lacked personality and there was no chemistry or attraction on either side of the fence. We went back to his place and I gave him head and he reciprocated nothing at all.

Guy #2... I actually met him a few months ago on a dating site and talked to him a few times before running into him here on AdultFriendFinder. We met up and he was very nervous and sweet. In all honesty he is the kind of guy I would be interested in dating. I gave him head and got nada back.

Guy #3... Met for drinks and after tossing back a few pints he decided that we should eat something. I was full from all the drinks and eating dinner before meeting up with him and he got upset that I left a few bites of my quesadilla on my plate. He wouldn't let it go and kept asking me if I was going to eat that and said, "C'mon, clean your plate girl." I was already not happy that he looked nothing like his pic and he was Indian, not Caucasian as he had claimed and was pissed after the constant badgering. Finally I said I was tired and wanted to go home. After a quick hug in the parking lot I thanked him for everything and said that I didn't see anything more happening between us.

Guy #4... Chatted with him a lot over a span of 2 weeks and started making plans to meet before he disappeared during a convo because he uses his work computer. I didn't run into him again for at least 2 weeks and he was pissed off and claimed that I stood him up. I swore up and down that we never set a time and I had tried to confirm and nail down plans but he never got back to me. Thank God for messenger allowing you to archive messages because I was able to pull it all up and proove my case. Everything was dropped and I haven't heard from him since.

Guy #5... Seemed like an amazing guy at first and we had fun cybering over web cam. After chatting for 2 weeks we decided to get together for dinner, drinks, and some hotel fun in a suburb half-way between us. He was supposed to call me in the early afternoon to comfirm plans for that evening and ended up calling early. I called him back right away and left a message. The actual meet time came and went with no call so I turned off my cell and hit the movies with some friends. He apologised for not calling on time and said he's call later in the week to make plans for the weekend... Weekend came and went and he called 2 weeks later.. Whatever!

Guy #6... Chatted with him and realized that we saw a lot of things differently and our sexual tastes didn't match up. Figured it was the end of things until I was working out at the gym and felt someone staring at me. Took me a little bit to place the face and I got creeped out after having him follow me at a distance for over 2 hours. Finally talked to the manager of the gym ( who is a good bud and is a big Tony Soprano kind of guy ) about it and he set the guy straight.

Guy #7... I was really excited about eventually meeting up with this hockey player who lives less than 20 minutes from me after sending e-mails back and forth for 3 weeks. He seemed like a really cool, mellow, down to Earth guy who would be fun in bed and if we didn't click that way, would be a great guy to hang out with. He sent me an IM the morning of the day we were supposed to meet asking what ideas I had for getting together after I had already e-mailed them to him the night before. I told him to check his e-mail... I worked on other things online for over an hour with no response, so I asked if he didn't like my plans and if he had some ideas... No response. I figured he didn't want to get togther so I IMed him saying that I hope he has a great day and good luck in the future... Still no response. I gave up and made plans with friends and went out for the night. In a drunked stupor at 3am I decided to check my messages and he finally sent me something 6 hours after his initial IM claiming he had gone outside and left messenger on... Yeah.. Your messenger shows when you are idle and you weren't.. Nice try!!

Guy #8... I was supposed to meet with him this weekend but had to cancel after my grandmother was hospitalized and I had to head out of state and be with my family. He seems like a really nice guy, but I don't know if he is out of my league because in his fantasy he described to me I was giving him head while he was driving a Porche... I'm not a high maintainance Barbie doll and when a guy brings up money, expensive cars, and any luxury items I feel they are looking for a trophy fuck.. Maybe I am not his type

Guy #9... A wierd guy who totally gave me the creeps with his pics and initial e-mail so I sent him a polite "no thanks". He kept sending me e-mails to the point I had to block him. I thought I was done with him until he started Imming me and I blocked him.. He got a different screen name.. Had to do the same over again.. Thought it was the last of him until I was in the hospital with my grandma and looked up to see him there. My blood ran cold in my veins.. What are the chances of that happening?! WTF! I felt so dirty and creeped out as he sent me death stares from across the waiting room and I left early because I couldn't stand being there any longer.

Guy #10... I've been chatting with this guy for a while and ran into him on a dating site. We've been in contact daily and he's sent me awesome pics of him and his cock that I've gotten myself off to and admitted that to him. Him and I have a lot in common and Earlier this week I asked him if he wanted to get together this weekend sometime. He said he wasn't sure if he was busy but always brings up how he wants to meet and have me come over. I thought I was going to be gone the whole weekend with my last minute emergency, but got back early this morning and crashed. In the evening I was really horny and popped online to find him on as well and brought up meeting tonight. He said he definately wanted to and I tried to make plans. He danced around the issue playing games and finally I told him he was being a tease and said goodbye. I made last minute plans with some friends and a short while ago found messages he left apologising, saying he wanted to meet, and giving me his phone number. For the time being I am going to let this go... I hate games and he knows I am frustrated with guys from AdultFriendFinder and have been having a rough week... Should have occured to him not to be a tease or just politely decline... I'm just sick of the games!

Guy #11... Him and I have been chatting since my first week on AdultFriendFinder and he has sent me a few pics. He's a really attractive and well hung guy ( I was really excited because I have never been with a man with anything oer 5" ). Both of us have brought up meeting and when I've tried to solidify things he flakes out and sends me those damn smilie faces or changes the subject. All of a sudden he brings up getting together and I tell him to stop playing games. I figure it's a good thing that we haven't met, or possibly never will because he has the personality of a dead cat.. Any time I try to talk about anything other than sex or mastrabation he has nothing to say. I'm trying to get to know him and ask about his job and other things and get one word answers. He's good about asking me questions which is cool, but I want to get to know him as well.

Right now I am frustrated after being really horny earlier and having guy #10 be a tease and looking back at all of the guys I've dealt with and have gotten nothing really noteworthy going with anyone. Is this happening to any other women in IL or is it just me? So many men have told me that the man/woman ratio is off and it is hard for them to find real women on here... I'm real and can't find anyone with similar sexual tastes and a brain.... Just gotta find the humor in it all! LOL!

lonely-in-indy 50M

2/12/2005 11:39 pm

WOW!!! I don't know what to say after reading that. I guess all I can say is hang in there and keep weeding out the players and the wierdos. If I wasn't so far away I would take you out and show you a good time but I'm in Indiana and you aren't. Well anyway like I said hang in there!

rm_Minnguy58 60M
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2/12/2005 11:41 pm

Sounds like these guys dont know what they are missing. You would think that out of all those guys that someone would have worked out for you. I sure hope that things work out for you in the near future and hope your grandmother is doing better too.
Good Luck.

rm_sevensd 39M
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2/13/2005 12:36 am

hah. at least you met some people, flesh and bone


2/13/2005 3:49 am

Gotta be a IL thing...


2/13/2005 8:12 am

With all due respect, ma'am. I have read enough of your profile to understand that we are not compatable. (I'm married) But I do have to agree with you about Illinois. This state seems to be so uptight. Especially compared to CA, TX, FL. I do hope that you find someone to have a release with and I understand that it won't be me. However, should you change your mind I am on yahoo as just_steve2000. Chatting or venting is OK with me. Again, good luck in your hunt.


2/16/2005 9:36 pm

Hi Mackey. I too am in Indiana(Indianapolis). I am also married, which probably doesn't fit your profile. But if you'd care to chat sometime or possibly get together, mail or message me anytime.


2/20/2005 6:47 pm

Sounds like there are a lot of wierd men in Ill. after 11 guys and no sex ,wow i bet you get frustrated with all the crap , I have a solution ,move to texas where men are men an treat a lady like a lady shouled be treated .

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