I'm lucky to be alive  

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2/21/2005 1:03 pm

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I'm lucky to be alive

Over the weekend I went to my doctor to get a new prescription for my sinus infection. I’ve been sick non-stop since this past August and can only remember being healthy for 3 whole weeks. He gave me a new script as well as some allergy meds to start taking once I am out of anti-biotic because he only likes to test people for allergies if he suspects it is food related.

I took my new meds and felt incredible. For the first time in a long time my head felt clear, I could take deep breaths, and all the mucus in my nose and throat were gone. 2 of my best friends from college, whom I haven’t seen in a very long time, called and invited me out to dinner. I was excited because I missed them and was finally healthy enough to go out. We had a nice dinner and drinks (I only had 2 and checked my prescription label for an alcohol warning and there was none) and had a blast catching up and goofing around. Later that night I went home with a mutual friend to crash on his couch because it had started to snow and I was too tired for the long trek home.

Around 1am I started feeling sick and ran to the bathroom and threw up. I didn’t think much of it because it was listed as a side effect as was diarrhea, nausea, head aches, and a few other things. When I was done and felt good enough to leave the bathroom I asked my very drunk friend if he wanted something to eat. I cooked chili for both of us and by the time I was done he had passed out on the living room floor. I ate both portions as soon as I finished I was back in the bathroom sick again. I ended up passing out on the floor. I got into a cycle of throwing up then passing out and throwing up again until around 9 in the morning when I heard my friend moving on the floor. I thought I was getting sick because of the alcohol and not my meds because I remembered my last dose was at 5pm and more than 12 hours had passed. I asked him if he was sober enough to pick up some greasy fast food then told him to take all the money from my wallet and buy himself whatever he wanted.

I ate 3 French fries before I was sick again. This time I had the dry heaves. My friend passed out on the couch and wasn’t responding to me talking so I tried to go to sleep on the bathroom floor. I woke up and started puking blood. I yelled for my friend to wake up and he did, and then brought me my cell phone. I called my mom and asked her to tell me the name of the medication I was taking and told her I thought I was having a bad reaction. My chest started to hurt really badly; I was having trouble breathing, and was so cold I was shaking. Next, I called my friend whom we had been out with earlier that night because she is an EMT and knew she’d be able to help. She came over right away and took my vitals and called 911. As I lay on the bathroom floor they tried to keep me talking and all I wanted to do was close my eyes and go to sleep. I was so tired and everything hurt.

The paramedics and firefighters arrived and the first one asked me if I normally had a rash on my cheeks. He looked down my shirt to find a rash on my upper chest and arms. My pulse was getting weaker and they put an oxygen mask on me and tried to get me to stand to get into the stair chair so they could carry me and I am glad they were holding on to me because I was very light headed and weak and almost fell. It was getting harder and harder to breath and I just wanted to go to sleep. I knew this was bad and started talking to myself inside my head. I kept telling myself, “Keep your eyes open! Keep them open and relax. Don’t close your eyes.”

In the ambulance they started me on an IV of Benadryl and because my heart rate and blood pressure kept dropping they have me a shot of Epinephrine. The one paramedic told me that once it set in I’d feel like I drank 10,000 cups of coffee. Within minutes my breathing became a lot easier as we wove in and out of traffic with the siren blaring.

In the ER they attached a bunch of monitors to me to keep tabs on my heart and breathing. Like a kick to the chest the Epinephrine kicked in and I was having bad muscle twitching which I couldn’t control. The doctor led 3 of my friends into my room to stay with me. After a few minutes my friend who is an EMT had to go for a walk because watching me shake and twitch was getting to her. Her husband joked with me saying that I’d be the perfect bartender. “Just line up a bunch of drinks on you and in seconds you’d blend them all. Maybe even a few cans of paint.” I tried laughing and the doctor and nurse in the doorway started cracking up. 3 hours later they gave me a new IV of an antibiotic that they would prescribe to me if I didn’t have any reactions to it. After 2 more hours they gave me prescription, a lot of paperwork to read over, and released me.

When I finally got home I was exhausted. Everything hurts and right now my chest feels like I’ve been hit with a baseball bat. My sinuses are really clogged and I am back to where I started but I am so glad to be alive. I feel very lucky and am going to take the next 2 days off of school and reevaluate my career and so many other things. I can’t continue teaching if I am going to constantly be sick like this because I’ve had to give up so many things I love including working out because of my back to back illnesses. For now I am going to take a break from AdultFriendFinder e-mails because I have a bunch of rants from people because I've been gone a few days... Some people don't understand!! I want to be healthy and strong before I start anything up. Out of 5 guys I was getting to know before meeting I am going to drop 4. Only one of them has bothered to ask how I am doing after telling all of them I am sick. The other 4 kept putting pressure on me even though I've told them, "Coughing up phlegm and mucus is not sexy and I don't want to pass on anything." One said he'd take his chances.... Way too desperate!! LOL!

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2/21/2005 9:54 pm

Hope things are getting better for you and dont worry about those people that rant you havent been around. They will get over it and if they dont.. the hell with them. You take care of yourself first.

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4/19/2005 9:28 am

hi im neww... just trying to post...

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