Gym Fantasy  

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3/30/2005 12:11 am

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Gym Fantasy

As always, when I walked into the gym the sexy Italian manager was at the front desk. He greeted me with a big smile calling me by my first name ( I am surprised he remembers it because I haven't been there in so long and he sees so many people every day ) and from his body language he wanted to talk and catch up but the phone rang.

Up in the weight room I was working away and he wandered around looking for someone or something. He spotted me, and as I watched in the reflection of the mirror he ran his fingers through his hair and smiled as his pace quickened. Seeing him act that way turned me on. One of his employees caught up with him and he walked away with her leaving the main floor. Bummer!!

I've always been attracted to him and can tell the feeling is mutual. Over the summers we talk a lot and I've given him soccer books on goalkeeping for his son to look at and have come up with drills for him to do based on what his dad sees as lacking. The biggest let down is that he is married. That doesn't mean that I can't have fantasies about him and masturbate imagining his thick, powerful physique pinning me to a wall and fucking me with more passion than any man I've ever been with.

On my way home I started creating this in my head....

When I walk into the foyer of the gym he is sitting at the desk. He smiles at me and his eyes twinkle. Without saying a word he stands up as his smile grows and he nods toward the door of the family dressing room. I follow the broad muscular shoulders, thick powerful waist and firm ass of this sexy Italian man into what I know will be a very hot and steamy experience I will never forget.

He closes and locks the door behind us and when he turns around I grab his belt and pull his body up against mine. Feeling his thick wet lips and tongue dancing with mine makes me wet. He kisses me harder and slides his hands down my lower back and starts massaging my ass. Without breaking the lip lock, I pull his shirt out of his pants and over his head. He grabs the backs of my knees and lifts me up as I straddle his hips. As I kiss his neck and suck on his ear lobes he carries me into one of the showers and closes the door.

In one motion he pulls my t-shirt and sports bra off and tosses it on the floor. I tug eagerly at his belt to remove it from his pants before I get on my knees to unzip and unbutton his pants with my teeth. He stands me up then kneels to pull down my shorts and slide his tongue into my excited pussy. He licks and sucks my pussy's lips and teases my clit bringing me closer and closer to an orgasm. Just before I cum he stops. His wet tongue licks a sensuous pathway from my pussy to my navel, up my abs, and stopping to lick and twist my nipples before planting small kisses on my collar bone and neck. As he does this I have pulled his cock out of his pants sliding my small hand up and down the shaft of his mammoth cock.

We move to the shower and turn it on. I kneel on the wet, cold tiles and take his erection into my eager mouth trying to fit every inch of it into my throat. I lick and suck him looking up at him to see that his eyes are closed and he is thoroughly enjoying fucking me in the mouth. Just as his sweet precum emerges he pulls his dick out of my mouth and slides it between my tits. I push them together to make it tight as he pumps his cock back and forth struggling to hold in his moans of pleasure.

Before I can blink I am standing up facing the shower wall and he is behind me. I feel his strong hands on my hips as the water cascades down my back. I let out a groan as his sticks his cock in me because I've never felt something so big inside of my pussy. As he fucks me from behind he puts my hands up on the wall above my head and holds my wrists, pinning them to the wall. I feel myself cumming as he pumps harder and harder.

I turn around to kiss him as his cock flies out of me and pokes me in the hip. He lifts me up so I am straggling him and we slide almost falling into the wall. It feels so good and I want it harder and I start riding him hard as we synchronize my downward thrusts and his upward pumps. I grip his broad shoulders and both of us moan louder and louder. Finally he cums with one deep and sexy groan.

We never speak of our meeting in the shower but find ways to be alone in different areas of the club to get in our one on one workouts.

Sexonthebrain4U 51M
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3/31/2005 12:23 am

Hey, just imagine if the gyms had their various exercise equipment set up to incorporate all the different sexual positions into your workouts...Damn! LOL...I think we'd eliminate the obesity problem in this country in no time. Wow, what a crazy fantasy that would be, huh? Don't mind me, just thinkin' out! By the way, very nice story there...ever think about a career writing erotic novels? lol...needless to say that by the time I was finished reading that, you had my cock very hard, thank!

LickMe5X 53F
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4/20/2005 11:40 am

WOW...great story..maybe I should start working out... well..maybe not yet.. or perhaps too late... ANyway.. I enjoy your blogs...have been reading the "back" ones to get caught up. Thanks for sharing

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4/25/2005 10:37 am

Wow, very very erotic. I guess I'm partial to the gym fantasy. There's nothing like a sweaty workout to increase sensitivity and agression. Great story

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