Brew and a baseball player  

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Brew and a baseball player

I've been reading through a lot of blogs and it seems like a lot of people like reminisciing about all of the amazing sex they've had. I started thinking about some of the things I've done and it brought a smile to my face. The sweet e-mails I recieved as well as the kind comments I've gotten mean more than I can ever express through words and have helped me out of my bummed out state of mind.

One day in college a bunch of us were hanging out having a huge pig roast to get to know the neighbors in our new condos. Most of my guy friends are huge baseball fans ( personally I LOVE football and spend many Sundays cuddled up on my couch watching the Bears play ) and always have a game playing. I was drinking a beer on the couch with a female friend of a friend as the guys yelled at the screen and jumped around. One guy in the dug out totally caught my eye and I said like a dork, "Oh my God he is hot!" Everyone stopped to look at me because that is something that never comes out of my mouth because I am never attracted to "conventionally hot men" which seem to be wandering all over the U.S... I'm rare and in my twisted world Brad Pitt is ugly and Michael Chiklis is as sexy as they come.. Anyway my guy friends laughed and wanted me to point him out. Later in the game I did and one of the new neighbors said, "Seriously?! He is one of my best friends! I grew up with him."

We had a few more parties, card games, hit the bars together doing the typical college thing as my new friend told me all about her professional baseball playing buddy. I was over the whole thing 5 minutes after my outburst, but she wanted to tell me everything about him and was scrounging me for personal info. One night she called me up almost screaming in my ear that he was in town and she wanted us to meet for drinks. I was going to go out anyway and figured what the heck.. I'll just change bars and do my typical thing.

I got there and she introduced us. He was trying to stay very low key with his baseball hat pulled low over his brow just relaxing in the corner. He smiled and his crystal clear blue eyes gleamed as he hugged me and I was struck all over again feeling like a giddy school girl. Like a dork I was at a loss of what to say and after a few akward moments I wandered off to say hello to another group of friends at the bar. She caught up with me and she tried to make me less nervous and gave me topics to bring up with him. I went back and we started chatting. Soon we were laughing, drinking way too much, and sharing stories of failed relationships. I admitted how devastated I was during a trial separation from my long term b/f. He admitted that he was in love with his best friend's roommate and they had started dating and he was scared about telling her how he felt. All of a sudden we had a totally akward moment. He smiled... I melted... I couldn't talk. The look he gave me wanted me to jump him right there in the bar in front of everyone but in the back of my mind I figured there was no way in Hell I had a chance. In my hed I thought,"He's totally sexy, has lots of money, is fun, and can get any girl he wants and you think you have a chance?" It was too painful and I decided to give it a shot then walk away with my tail between my legs because I knew I would be rejected. I smiled back, leaned in, and drunkenly uttered, "I know this is gonna wierd you out and make you uncomfortable but I think you are sexy." As I pulled my head away I kissed him on the cheek then I smiled at him and walked away.

I wove through the crowd to find some other people I knew and joined them for drinks feeling relieved that I didn't give him the chance to reject me and now I would get plowed and sleep alone. Nope! I was WAY off!! He wove his way through the crowd and wrapped his arms around my waist from behind and totally surprised me because I thought it was one of my guy friends. I turned around and he started kissing me. After what seemed like a million years and one of the hottest kisses I've ever had in my life he said, "I told my friends to leave without me. I promised I'd stop at a party then I want to go home with you." WOW! I thought I had way too much to drink and was having a happy little dream and in reality was passed out on a friend's couch somewhere. Nope

We walked to the party and it was really lame so we left 5 minutes later to take a walk around the lagoon. Soon we were kissing, clothes were flying and he was licking me in all the right places. As he knelt over me I unziped his jeans and his nice, thick cock flew out and he ran it between my breasts, down my stomach, and started rubbing it all over my clit. I had a few quick orgasms and came like crazy! Next he crawled forward and started tit fucking me again and each time he thrust forward I took his head into my mouth and tounged it flicking it all around the tip, in the hole and around the ridge. 3 of his fingers were sliding in and out of my pussy as his thumb probed and rubbed my wet clit. Both of us were moaning and sweating and finally he put on a condom and I got on top. I worked my hips like crazy as I nibbled his nipples and he begged me to slow down. He sat up and it turned me on feeling his thick muscular shoulders, perfect horseshoe triceps, and thick, powerful forearms. All of a sudden he was on top of me moving his cock in circles inside of me, working his hips like no man I've ever been with has. My heart lept out of my chest and I had the most incredible orgasm ever! If that was how heaven felt I need to ditch my horns and work on getting a halo!!!! He started fucking me harder and harder as his balls slapped against my ass and his sweat flew all over me. With a giant, deep, throaty moan he came. After colapsing on the grass next to me he pulled me close so I could rest my head on his chest. We agreed that it was incredible then he asked, "Did your boyfriend ever get you off like that." "No.. Well, if he did it was so long ago I don't remember." He laughed and said," Then don't go back. He sounds like an ass from what you've told me and you are a great girl. Don't settle ever. Promise me that." "I'll promise if you promise you'll tell that girl you're in love with her." "I can't do that. I mean, I don't want to ruin things and I don't want to be hurt again. I just couldn't handle it again." "Please?! I won't go back and will give myself a chance if you do." He tilted his head and kissed me. "Agreed."

All of a sudden a spotlight broke the darkness as a cop bellowed over the intercom, " Get your clothes on and come to the light!" SHIT! We laughed and got dressed and the cops read us our rights and said we were going to be charged with public indescency and committing a lude act in public. After a tense ride to the station he smiled at me and giggled. I wanted to disappear! Luckily before we were booked a cop recognised me. I had gone to high school with his brother and he pulled a few strings and we were let go.

A year later at my parent's house I got a letter from a certain baseball team. It made me smile when I opened it and enclosed was a wedding picture and on the back was written, 'Thanks for the pep talk! All my love and best wishes'.

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