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4/15/2005 10:01 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


I've been getting to know other people who have blogs on this site and in the course of a normal conversation one woman asked me if there were certain men who hunted me down and started pursuing me because of my blog. I admitted I had a few and they were great guys Some of them I chat with every day and have been sending e-mails back and forth and are getting to know them really well. I told her it's been a great experience and made me feel better about this site and the kind of men who are on it.

She brought up the "blog-o-philes", the men who are like groopies and tell you that they feel you are their soulmate because of some post you made or that a relationship between you and them was meant to be. We laughed comparing notes and they are the same guys!! She talks to a lot of fellow bloggers, more than I do, and these men are going after 5 more of us. LOL! Some e-mails were nearly identical with just a few minor details changed.... I'm so used to getting repeat e-mails from the schmos in Illinois who can't keep track of who they have contacted and must have a form e-mail stored somewhere on their hard drive.

My post about being an old soul introduced me to a great older gentleman whom I haven't heard from in a few days. Granted our e-mail system has been totally wacked out, but I hope to hear back from him and continue getting to know him because he is a very bright, articulate, and interesting man. I've had 3 total nuts contact me about that post..... One claims that in my last life I had the soul that was in his body the life before.. HUH?! LOL!!

Another guy is a total player and cracks me up..... His profile says he lives in Chicago and he didn't fill out a majority of his profile. I asked him about it and he said he doesn't live in Chicago ( lives in Algonquin ) and feels that filling out all of his profile and stating where he really lives will bring the creepies out of the woodwork and violate his privacy. His 3rd e-mail informed me that he had added face pics to his profile and that he lives in Barrington. Hmmmmmm..................
I don't know if I am being TOO logical, but wouldn't posting up your face on the internet or on this site give more of yourself away and make it easier for people to identify you than answering your educational level and sexual preferences??? LMAO!!! Please tell me I am wrong! I know I rolled my eyes when he said that he recently discovered he is an old soul and us old souls "need to stick together".. Um... Sorry, but being an old soul is not some sort of life change. It's something you know and have felt your whole life. Look at Ellen Degeneres' former girlfriend, Anne, just saying you are something doesn't make it so. Some people claim things to boost their career or get into someone's pants! I'm on to you buddy boy! Save the games and lines for the drunk women at the clubs

A man in India asked me if I would come out to Dehli and be part of a ceremony that would lead to my soul enhabiting his body in his next life. He feels I have a beautiful soul that would bring him closer to Nirvana. I thanked him for the compliment and explained that my soul definately will not bring anyone closer to paradise... I've done too many unpure things this lifetime that would probably set him back a few lifetimes. I told him he would be better off contacting a member of a clergy who took a vow of celibacy... I also recommended that he stay away from American preists because we all know how they are <wink, wink, nudge, nudge ) LOL!

I don't talk to any men who have blogs on this site and wonder if you guys have "interesting" women contact you with crazy e-mails, claims, and schemes.

ReadyToTango46 59M
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4/15/2005 11:07 am

Macky, you need to be more specific in your profile about the "Ideal Person" you're loooking for.

Great blog! Very funny. By the way, I'm 45, but my soul is 28, 6'2", has a great build, is intelligent and witty, and is great in bed. Does that count?

Wait, have I contacted you before? Oops, nevermind.


IPman 62M
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4/15/2005 11:40 am


I am an active blogger and I have decided you are my soul-mate, I am ugly, I smell and I am over weight, however, my soul is beautiful. God told me last night that we are to be bound in love. Do not upset God, this is our destiny!

expatbrit49 64M

4/15/2005 1:43 pm

Since starting my blog I am inundated with mails from crazed women who want to mail me their underwear but I have to let them down gently and tell them that I am only looking to sit at home being lonely and masturbating LOL

Thank You for Your Time and Attention

AlanShore63 95M

4/15/2005 2:19 pm

Mackey: Being that I am so very new to this blogging protion of our internet universe, I haven't had enough time in service to gain any wonderfully wacko women. And the few women (wacko or otherwise) that I gain IRL, semm to date me just to piss off their parents. (Or someone close to them. - The girl; not the parents.) There have been times in my life wherein journaling was a much more consistant process than it has become for me over the last many years. And even then, I still find that I tend to hold back just a bit. For how could anyone journal and not believe that it would unltimately be read by someone, somewhere, at some point in time? Therefore, I tend to keep my cards close to the vest, and share only what I don't mind others seeing. Therefore, until now, blogging has not been part of the equation. However, for the purpose of this site, I figured, "Oh why the hell not...." Yet even still, I am oft times at a loss as to what to write. My normal everyday life, as boring and mundane as it is, (SO boring in fact that it makes the life of a local librarian looks "raucous"), is ACTUALLY much more exciting than my sex life. (Which by the way, has just been added to the U.S. Government's list of "endangered species". - It is expected that within the next 5-10 yrs to become completely extinct, if not sooner.)

So, not knowing exactly WHAT to say in my blog, has lead to only two blog entries. Meanwhile, some of the other blogs on here read like an edition of the "Best of Penthouse Letters".

I guess sadly for me, I don't have any basic "form letters" that I write to girls, with blanks to insert the most current name (hopefully the correct one), any more than I have "pat" pick up lines past "Hello".

Still, while I am sure there is a certain amount of irritation ith it all, I am sure that you must be almost equally as bemused by such things. - And to tell you that men, by and large, are pigs, would only succeed in insulting your intelligence by stating the INCREDIBLY obvious; especially when the merely obvious should suffice.

As for your "old soul", I would suggest that you waste no time in having it carbon dated, so you will have a clear point of reference for those who would hit you with the fact that SURELY you both knew each other in a past life. (Let's face it, if they are way off on dates, then it most certainly CAN'T be you!)

getting_closer 38M
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4/15/2005 3:26 pm

From your "buddy boy",

You're not being too logical. It's just that I wasn't thinking at all. Turns out, this site is for players. You know this, and thus you have judged me like you are so quick to judge so many others. Sad part is, I'm not that kinda guy and I can't even play the part of a player very well. I'm a kind, honest, intelligent, well adjusted, and thoughtful person.

Today I read your blog and it almost brought me to tears in disbelief. You are wrong. You have really formed the wrong perception of me. Everything you said about me in your blog today isn't me, you are not giving me a chance, and you don't even know me. But it's my fault.

I'm not communicating myself to you properly on this site. No one has ever spoken like that of me. I was scared as I sat and read how bad your opinion of me was - even though we had never met - I realized something had gone terribly wrong. I screwed up and I'm sorry. I just ended a year-long relationship last month and I'm not yet thinking straight. Last week as I started using this site, I thought I could just pick through some local profiles and strike up some meaningless sex to fill a void in my life. But I can't be honest with myself and do that. It's not me. That is why my profile was sketchy and jumbled - I couldn't even convince myself of who I was trying to be.

Today, I lifted the veil from my profile. I'm not going to be using this site any longer so it doesn't really matter, but it would mean something to me if you could see me as respectable again. Thus far you have been the only genuine person I've exchange words with - and it's been a disaster. I am attracted to you because of your wit and intelligence, your independent attitude, your determination, your sense of humor, your strong character, your caring heart, and your honesty. If we met in any other manner, I know this would have gone differently.

You are appalled by the predominantly superficial man, yet you won't give me a chance for meaningful conversations and a caring friendship. I'm ashamed to admit I brought it upon myself though. I really did want to talk with you because you sounded like a shining star, possibly a little hope for humanity. Thank you for helping me recognize that I do not belong here trolling around through AdultFriendFinder profiles. I don't even really know you, so in retrospect these past few days of emails seem confusingly surreal. I'm going to keep the memory of you in the back of my heart, remembered as another 'missed connection'.

keithcancook 61M
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4/17/2005 8:26 am

I love your blog Mackey. You are so straight forward and honest. Your writing style obviously mirrors your "soul" and I almost feel as if I know you. I definately respect you. Blog On!

AlanShore63 95M

4/18/2005 1:59 pm

Mackey: Please drop me a line when time oermits. Would love to hear from you. I just hope that nothing I said offended you in any way.


sportyfun56 107M

4/19/2005 9:44 am

well so far only pleasant women have contacted me with nice emails,etc. as a result of my blog... whew!

(Juan S)
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6/2/2005 12:31 am

Categorizing a group of people because of the behavior of one or a few is in that ism category. You know, Racism, sexism, etc. Sounds like you had problems with some specific people and situations. I personally have found a lot of attractive people on this site that I wouldn't mean banging black and blue, I have found one that is like an important itch I really need to scratch, ultimately I'm looking to find one person for a LTR and what better way to let my freal flag fly than this site. Communication being extremely important to relationships. whether they are friends with benefits, one night stands or your next mate.

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