All balls created equally??  

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3/8/2005 12:52 pm

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All balls created equally??

Nope... They aren't! LOL! I am not as fascinated with testicles as I am with penises, I'll be honest... Penises are cute and nuts aren't in my eyes. I was checking out a few blogs today because I am trying to mellow out before I buckle down and get some work finished and one man's blog pic sparked this entry. I have never seen "innie" balls. His balls looked like his lower abs sucked them half way in causing him to have a mini ass right below is penis... Wierd. I remember taking biology in high school and we looked at our tongues, thumbs, and ear lobes when studying dominant and recessive traits. I wonder if that is true with testicles. Just like ear lobes I have noticed some sacks look as if they are attached directly to the penis at the base while others hang free of the penis. ( Some ear lobes are attached to the head/jaw line and others dangle and are solely part of the ear.

I have a good memory and can describe the genitals of any man I have been with and it surprises me and makes me laugh. It's strange how we remember trivial things and facts like the names of songs from years ago or what someone wore the first time you met them when there are more important tidbits of info that would be a better use of brain space.

Over a year ago... Yes, it's been that long since I have had sex with a man other than the affair guy... I was in a relationship with an Irish guy who was in the U.S Army reserves. He turned out to be a real ass after he was called overseas and I took care of all of his finanical affiars, his house, and his property then when he came back he blew me off to hang out with his ex-wife and I ended things. He had an average sized penis but huge balls. I'm being totally honest and serious when I say each one was the size of the average orange. When he didn't have an erection his penis would completely disappear amongst his giant testicles. I didn't know how to reinitiate sexual activity because I couldn't see the twig through the berries and usually I like starting things back up with gentle caresses and licks... I never was able to tell if his nuts were directly attached or hung free.... I gotta come up with a new definition for the 2 types of testicles... Maybe 'danglers' and 'grabbers'.. I dunno! LOL!

Some testicles come in 1 fleshy sack where you cannot tell if there is one or two. Others have nice definition and shape and it is obvious a man has two baby batter producing little guys. The ones that gross me out are wrinkly nut sacks that look like someone has been walking around their whole life with a 100lb weight attached to each one. The skin is all shriveled around these very pronounced testicles making them earn the slang term "nuts" because they look like 2 wall nuts shoved into a balloon that should only hold 1. Age has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not a guy has a nice sack. One guy friend of mine in high school had testicles like the previous one I described. The poor guy felt so self conscious because he said he had "old man's balls". One night when we were chatting on the phone he let out a blood curdling yelp. I cringed not knowing what happened. He said, "OH MY GOD! I sat on my fucking balls again!" I feel bad because that happened to him a lot. One day he finally showed me and I was surprised because in my limited experience I had never seen anything like them. Evenutally he went to see a doctor and was told to wear briefs all of the time to provide support. A few years out of high school he went to a plastic surgeon to reduce the skin around his testicles. I feel bad that he experienced a lot of pain and was so self-conscious but am glad he finally feels comfortable in his own skin and lost his virginity at age 28.

As I said in my title, not all balls are created equally... They come in different sizes, colors ( I've seen a few that are both pink and brown.. No, they were not bi-racial men ),and shapes. What matters the most is the man who comes attached to them

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