1st Orgasm  

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3/11/2005 1:04 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

1st Orgasm

SexySquirterGirl has a great post on her blog about her first orgasm so I decided to share mine.

Sexually I feel I was a very late bloomer because I didn't have my first orgasm or loose my virginity until I was 18. As I've mentioned, in high school I was totally focused on athletics and getting into college and didn't date despite having a lot of male friends. The teacher whom I had an affair with and I had just started flirting more and more and he was trying to find reasons and ways for us to be away from other people during school hours and after. One night he decided to watch one of my games and afterwards waited for me. He walked into the school and invited me in to an office because he had to print out some papers for his grad school class that met the next day. The conversation turned to my relationship status and he started asking about my sexual experiences. I admitted that the only thing I had done was give a hand job and never had anything done to me. He was surprised. He went on to tell me that he was attracted to me and wanted to start seeing me after I graduated the following month. I was totally in shock and immediately blurted out, "But I'm not your type. I mean you could do a lot better." He got a little upset, "What do you mean you're not my type? What do you think my type is anyway?" "I don't know.. This is just so wierd." "I'm attracted to because you are funny, intelligent, and have a great athletic body which is a huge turn-on." I blurted out nervously, "I think you are really hot." We heard people in the hall so we decided we should get going. Right before we got to the door he kissed me on the cheek and I froze. "Did you just kiss me?" He smiled. I gave him a quick peck on the cheek and before I could pull away we were locked into an intensely passionate kiss. He pulled me close and into a tight embrace against his muscular body.

I started getting wet which was a totally new sensation and instinctively pulled his hips up tighter against mine and could feel the bulge of his erection through his pants. My heart raced as our tongues explored each other's mouthes. He moved to my neck. I felt a huge adrenaline rush and we heard something hit the door behind us. We stopped and rushed to get out of another door.

It was really akward the next day of class especially because his wife came by and dropped off their daughter for 'daddy/daughter at work day'. He avoided looking at me completely and I was totally embarrassed. We didn't say much to each other for the rest of the school year until the last week. I was walking down the hall after school and he called out to me from his office. I went in and he said that he was sorry he acted like a jerk and ignored me and he did it because he didn't want people to see how he felt. Almost getting discovered was scary and brought him back to the reality of the situation. He told me the week after graduation they were starting football weights and I could stop by to say hello and we could plan going out.

I popped in one day because I saw his truck in the parking lot and wandered around the school stopping to chat with my teachers about my college plans. He was nowhere to be found and I was deflated and disappointed. As I was leaving. I heard a "Hey! I'm right here!" I ducked into the boy's locker room with him and he gave me a big hug. He said he needed to check on something on the wrestling balcony so we walked up the stairs. He turned on one set of lights and we walked across the mats. It was obvious we weren't there to check on anything. He started a play wrestling match with me and we rolled around on the mats putting each other in holds, coming close to pinning each other a few times. I thought nothing of it because I goofed around and wrestled with my guy friends all of the time.

I had him pinned and with lightning speed and reversed and was straddling me. He smiled before kissing me. I was wet instantly and totally turned on seeing and feeling the nice bulge in his shorts. I started pulling his shirt off and he said, "No. I wanna do something." He slowly unbuttoned my jean shorts and slid them off followed by my panties. I tried sitting up and reached for his shorts. The anticipation of seeing his penis was killing me! I wanted to touch it and play! "No,relax. I want to give you your first orgasm."

I tried to relax but was nervous. I had no clue what an orgasm was. His tongue probed the lips of my vagina and I could feel his warm breath on my pussy. I started getting tingly and was dripping as he lapped up my juices with his tongue. I felt the adrenaline rush like I had felt the night we were in the office and kissed for the first time. His tongue was in my pussy now and was wiggling all over. I couldn't control my hips as they writhed all over. He stopped and looked up at me with a big smile. I could see my cum on his cheeks and around his mouth. He went back to work and the tingling was getting more and more intense. His warm tongue was now on my clit and I felt like I was going to explode. I felt the rush you feel when you are at the highest point of a roller coaster and it pauses.. Then the plunge that makes you scream. I started moaning and cried out, "OH MY GOD! DON"T STOP!!!" The orgasm spread over me like a wave as I felt my pussy contract and release multiple times. He kept licking me and I had several orgasms before he stopped.

He laid next to me on the floor and pulled me in. His thick, muscled arms felt so good as I enjoyed a few aftershocks. He couldn't stop smiling and neither could I. I'll never forget my first orgasm!!

SexySquirterGirl 52F
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3/12/2005 2:25 am

Hey Mackey~I am glad you shared your story!! I think you had a much better 1st orgasm than I did!!! lol. However I still remember mine like it was yesterday!!

I really like reading your blog!! Keep posting!! Have a great weekend!! Hugs, SquirterGurl

Sexonthebrain4U 51M
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3/13/2005 1:49 am

Wow, that was intense! I wish my first one would have been with the "helping hand" of some pretty young girl, but like most guys I'm sure, my first orgasm was by my own hand...lol! I was young, about 11 years old, and I was home alone and obviously horny when I began to play with myself. Now, I've had erections before this, but I never really reacted or did anything about it. I just knew that eventually it would go away...lol! For some reason on this particular day though, probably cuz nobody was around, I took off my clothes and sat there naked with this overwhelming feeling to stroke my cock. I just wrapped my thumb and index finger lightly around the shaft and began to slide it slowly up and down, not really knowing quite what I was doing, but definately liking the awesome sensation it was giving me. Damn it felt good! Before I knew it, I was stroking faster and faster until I tensed right up and seemed to go into some kind of wierd daze...that's when I looked down and saw all this white, gooey stuff start to spurt out the head of my cock. Holyshit...I didn't know what was happening to me at first and I kinda freaked out, but then instinctively I just knew it must be something natural, so I finally calmed down. I just sat there with cum all over my hand, stomach, and chest while catching my breath. I scooped some up and rubbed it between my fingers, like some scientist trying to determine what had just happened. Needless to say I couldn't wait to try it again, and thus was the beginning of a long, happy friendship between my dick and my hand...lol! Now, the first time I got a handjob from a girl,well, that's a whole other story...lol!

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