1 Woman, 3 Men and 1 night  

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3/13/2005 8:22 am

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1 Woman, 3 Men and 1 night

Nope.. Sorry to get your hopes up about a foursome LOL! Last night I was invited to be part of guy's night out with 3 good male friends and had an awesome time!!! I'll admit that I've been invited to be the only woman in many male group activities and I have much more fun going out with them then tearing up the town with a group of my female friends.

I sat back and thought about why I feel that way this morning, which is really hard with a bad hangover especially when you already were sick with something else and didn't take meds all day just so you can drink On a girl's night out there seems to be an unspoken competition going on the whole night. We try to be the best dressed, the sexiest, get the most male attention, be the wildest, have the most memorable night, flash the most cash... The list can go on, but that just isn't my thing. Yes, I love getting dressed up and going out but it's never my aim to be number one or try to make others look bad. I just want to have fun and do my thing. Almost all of my friends are married now or live in different states or overseas so I don't get out as much as I used to and miss it.

We started out night out hitting a Chicago Wolves hockey game. It was a close game and we were on the edge of our seats as we chugged beers, made jokes, danced like idiots, and laughed with the people in our section. We weren't obnoxious ( the people in front of us were and should have gone to a bar because they were back and forth getting drinks the whole night and couldn't sit still.. I don't think they saw more than 3 minutes of the game! ) and were just enjoying the night.

When the game ended we didn't want the night to end. One friend brought up going to a strip club. The group looked at me with looks that said, "It's okay if you don't want to go... We want to go.. Please go with us... We just want you to have fun.." and another friend came out and said what they all were thinking, "We know you aren't into women and don't want to make you feel weird but we want you to party with us." I laughed and said,"Sure I'll go. I've never been to one before and am up for the experience."

The dark, smoky club was packed wall to wall with men who gave me curious looks as we snaked our way through the tables and groups standing around hoping to find a table. Two Mexican men were sitting alone at a big table and my friend Bob ( I'll call him that here.. Not his real name ) asked them if we could join. The more outgoing guy of the two agreed then ordered all of us shots if tequila from the waitress who was at the next table. I looked around taking in all of the patrons as well as the layout of the strip club. It's a weird habit of mine to survail wherever I am and know who is around me and where everything is. As I scanned the club I avoided making eye contact with the few men who were watching me. I figure they were wondering why I was there and we not looking at me for me. I couldn't hold a candle to any of the dancers.

Paul ( not his name either )asked me if I was okay. I leaned into the table and said to my buddies and the two Mexican guys, "One rule gentlemen, don't ask me if I am okay the rest of the night. Just have fun. I'm just chilling and enjoying the ride." We downed our shots just as more arrived.

Attractive women writhed and grinded on the poles, stages,laps of men and runways. One very sexy blonde snuck up behind Paul and gave him a hug. They were on a first name basis because he was there every weekend even if he was involved with someone. He leaned over and whispered, "I'm buying you a lap dance babe. Time for the full strip club experience!" He scanned the room and flagged over another dancer. A very lean blonde woman with beautiful blue eyes and smaller breasts sauntered over took my hand and led me through the crowd to the VIP room. I got a lot of looks as I was walking through the club and decided to give the onlookers smiles and winks... Why act all awkward when I could be a goofball and have fun?

Paul sat in a chair across from me as his girl straddled him. My girl did the same and took off her bra and smiled. It was really awkward having another woman riding me and shaking her breasts in my face. I didn't want her to feel the way I was feeling so I forced a smile and she smiled back then struck up a convo before the full contact began. Without warning her tits were hitting my face as her nipples grazed my cheeks as her hips slammed against my lap. She ran her fingers through my long hair sliding my nose down her perfectly flat stomach down to the top of her thong before doing a bridge and grabbing my ankles. With perfect precision she rolled over so her tiny ass was in my face. She humped the air with her legs around my waist before placing her knees on my collar bones and squeezing my face between her thighs. NOW I was getting uncomfortable... Boobs were fine, but having another woman's pussy in my face was the line. She finished up the dance as I struggled to hold down all the beer and tequila I had that night. She wished me a good night and gave me a hug as Paul continued with his dancer. I was led back to the table and sat down with my friends. I ordered drinks for everyone at the table and watched more women dancing as my comfort level got back to normal.

We all laughed as a guy was dragged onto one of the stages by two girls for his bachelor party dance. They ripped his shirt off then one girl unzipped his pants and removed his belt with her teeth... I was thinking those are some oral skills I need to work on because that was hotWhile sitting in his black boxer briefs one dancer hung from the pole that his chair was up against upside down by her knees with her chest in his face while the other slid her chest up his legs starting at his ankles running her hard nipples through his leg hair. My other two friends left for lap dances and the stocky, more outgoing Mexican man slid his chair over closer to mine. He smiled so I smiled back and he started asking me about my night in broken English. He nearly fell over backwards when I answered in Spanish which made me giggle. With a huge smile over the pounding base filled music he said,"We in America now chica. I speak your English okay?" I nodded. He asked about my friends and where I was from. He was very curious about why I spoke Spanish and where I had learned. I thought it was funny when he described Paul ( "the skinny little one" ) and asked if him and I were together. On cue Paul returned with 2 dancers and a bouncer. His drunk ass had run up over $180 dollars in lap dances and he was $80 short. I hit an ATM and paid off his debt and ordered more drinks for the 2 Mexican men, Paul, and myself. The guy I had been chatting with took off into the VIP room with one of Paul's girls. His brother, Javier excused himself to go to the bathroom. I knew he was going to duck into a stall and "relieve" himself because the last dancer had turned him on so much he had been kneading the growing lump in his pants.

Paul brought on a serious conversation asking me what women really want and explained how frustrated he was with relationships because he wants to settle down and be stable. This totally took me off guard because he is the legendary player of the group. In college he was with a new girl every week and had so many who would have loved to hunt him down and amputate his cock and put it on a pike as a warning for all men who wanted to use women as toys. I stammered out an explanation as best as I could because I was totally wasted. I told him there was no single answer to that question because each one of us wants something different. Yeah, some of us want similar things but each one of us is unique. Then he asked an even stranger question given where we were, his reputation, and the relationship him and I had... I had never had a single conversation of any depth with him and had known him in a 'friend of a friend' way for about 6 years.... "What do you want in a relationship?"

I tossed back one of the 3 shots still sitting on the table and laughed. It was hilarious to me. "I have no clue. The older I get the less I think I know about life and men and relationships. I used to want to settle down, get married, and have kids but now I'm not so sure. Everything is so fucked up! I mean no one really cares about anyone anymore and wants everything for themselves. I wanted a man who respected me, loved me for who I am, could make me laugh, and I could trust and go through life's adventures with and it's all a pipe dream Paul. I wanted to make a lucky guy really happy and make him feel special. Gotta make myself happy first. Guess it comes down to doing the right thing for the right reasons. Just want the honesty, the love, amazing sex, some trust, and fun." Javier stumbled back to the table with a embarrassed smile on his face and his fly down. I pointed at it and he turned bright red and sat down and zipped up. His brother had been gone over an hour and my other 2 buddies were MIA. My dancer came back to the table and asked, "How are ya hun? Still having a good time?" I nodded and said," I want you to take my new friend and show him an all-American good time." I handed her a few bills and she led Javier through the crowd into the VIP room. He was all smiles and waved back at me as she held his hand.

Paul put his arm around me and whispered in my ear,"It's not a dream and you'll find him. I've heard about all the shit you've been through and it's happening so you'll appreciate him even more when you find him." He got up to leave with another dancer who had been waiting behind us. He leaned over and kissed me on the mouth and left.

Jose finally came back to the table all smiles. And started hitting on me telling me how nice I am and that I deserve a good man. He told me he is a good man then grabbed a dancer and ordered more drinks. Thankfully my 2 long lost friends came back and sat at the table. Jose asked," Donde es my brother?" "You were having all the fun man and wouldn't help your bro out so I bought him a dance."

I kicked back checking out the women with Bob and Jay enjoying more and more drinks. They told me what they found hot and we played the implant game trying to find some. Surprisingly we couldn't find a single pair. The dancer who left with Paul came back empty handed. "You're friend passed out and I wasn't even done." I followed her to the back, rummaged through his pockets to pay her, then picked him up. The rest of the boys were waiting outside of the VIP room's doors as I carried Paul's skinny drunk ass out fireman's style.

I never thought I'd have as much fun as I did in the strip club! Glad I went because it was much different than I had ever imagined. Part of me thought I'd be really uncomfortable the whole time but I wasn't.

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3/19/2005 1:33 am

That was a very long post. And I enjoyed reading all of it. Nicely done. You definitely have a talent for putting words on paper. Are you a writer, or perhaps want to be a writer?

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