Mack and Julia - A little backgrounder  

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Mack and Julia - A little backgrounder

When Mack and Julia got married back in 1984, they knew very little about each other's history. All they knew was that they got along well with each other and sex was great for both of them. Mack was hoping Julia to be the faithful wife and he was determined to ensure that this relationship and the fire in it would last.

They are both very good looking but are both insecure due to their various experiences in their lifes.

Mack knew at the back of his mind that Julia can just pick any guy she wishes or fancies and that kept him always on the watch for any signs of trouble.

Julia on the other hand had always wondered if Mack would continue to be a faithful husband and also on the watch-out if he began to have interest in other girls.

Life for them was full of checking on each other's activities which was suffocating for both of them but at the same time they do enjoy each other's company and their sex life was full of passion. This was made possible due to Julia's lack of inhibitions when she's in bed. Her actions in bed was what Mack had dreamed about the kind of women he'd love to make love to. Otherwise on the social side, Julia is also very chatty and starts most of the conversations either between them or among their friends. This works well for Mack cause he is very reserved and needed someone like Julia to get him talking.

So they set out into the sunset under that mode.

One day 5 years later, after Mack had sensed somethings from Julia, Mack discovered that Julia was having an affair with someone.

That affair had shaken his life. He couldnt bear the thought that Julia had done that and after the anger and dissappointment process had sank in, he had to, very painfully, push himself to make the decision that the marriage had to be over.

Julia on the other hand couln't accept that her fling had been discovered and was watching her marriage coming to an end. This prompt her to beg Mack to reconsider.

After the dust had settled, Mack couldnt imagine his life without her and had convinced himself that Julia was really sorry for what she did, decided to swallow the bitter pill of life and continued with their marriage.

For the next 15 years Mack was very quiet inside him. Moved on in life, continued to achieve all that he had planned and wanted for both of them. They both decided to buy a house and the children came after that.

All along things had settled down between them. They spent most of their time nuturing their new family.

During the 15 years of recovery period, Mack and Julia never talked about the affair except for some outburst from Mack from time to time during their petty quarrels, he'd bark at Julia for the affair but generally, he had come to accept the fact that there was nothing he could do to make it go away.

Julia also resigned to the fact that she could not make Mack feel any better about what she had done but could only try to sooth his soul whenever he needed one.

After those years of soul searching, Mack began to realise who Julia really was. Mack had concluded that Julia could have sex with another man but may or may not have any feelings for the guy. It took him quite some time to digest this fact and decided to, in his subtle ways, test this with Julia.

He started to asked Julia hypothetical questions about her attitude towards sex in general and discovered that she sees sex and love as two separate issues.

For Mack, he had grown up and matured to the fact that sex and love is one. Although he had fantasies of having sex but not getting emotionally involved with others, he never did explored for fear that emotions could get in the way and complicate matters.

Throughout these opening up episodes, both stayed away from the subject of the previous affair.

Mack soon discovered that he was getting more and more interested in Julia's sexual fantasies. They talked about it during sex and it seemed to have made Julia even more sexually heated up talking about them and being able to get Mack to see that for her, sex is just sex, while love is something else.

After Mack had opened up to this subject and was quite relaxed to listen to Julia's fantasies, Mack discovered that the women he married 20 years ago had had her own share of sexual expeditions,while she was single, which had made his jaw dropped!!!. Julia had experienced MMF, which she had kept a secret about to her husband all these years. This drove Mack's interest to the subject up through the ceiling.

Sensing that Mack was genuinely interested in it, Julia was disclosing all the lurid details of her experience and that made their love-making even more steamy.

Mack had begun to see Julia's point of view about sex and love and began to get really interested in it. Now he imagines watching her making love to another man and know from Julia's assertions that it's only sex. He'd imagine hiding in the closet while she's at it and so on..

For the first time in their marriage, Julia could openly show interest to Mack on other men she'd fancy and talked about how she'd fuck him if she gets the chance. Julia is also very picky with who she'd fancy.

Once Julia had pointed out to Mack a guy across a restaurant they were in, and told him that, that guy would be her pick if she had the chance. Mack discovered that he felt absolutely at ease with the situation and told Julia, to go ahead. Julia either by chance or design had 'bumped' into the guy at the restroom of the restaurant, and they had greeted each other and had some minor conversations with each other. As it turned out later, they had bumped into the same guy quite often at the same restaurant and by now she had gotten his name and the guy also knew her name.

Both Mack and Julia had fantasied about the guy making love to Julia during their own love-making sessions and quite a few times Mack had asked Julia to call out the other guy's name whenever she is reaching her orgasms.

Mack and Julia are now very curious and very interested to get this to happen.

This story was written by Mack.

Julia is aware that Mack had registered themselves in AdultFriendFinder.

Up to now they have met only one couple via AdultFriendFinder. Julia was not attracted to the husband thus the closest they ever got to fulfilling their fantasies was to watch the other couple making love. It only happened at the insistence of the other couple, that Mack and Julia would stay and watch them.

That incident did spur both Mack and Julia to go home and bang each other in their own bed.

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great story we love it.

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