You Go Girl!  

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3/16/2006 5:33 am

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You Go Girl!

A woman was sitting at a bar enjoying an after work cocktail with her girlfriends when an exceptionally tall, handsome, extremely sexy middle-aged man entered. He was so striking that the woman could not take her eyes off him.

The young-at-heart man noticed her overly attentive stare and walked directly toward her (as all men will).

Before she could offer her apologies for so rudely staring, he leaned over and whispered to her, "I'll do anything, absolutely anything, that you want me to do, no matter how kinky, for $20.00......on one condition." (There are always conditions)

Flabbergasted, the woman asked what the condition was.

Then he replied, "You have to tell me what you want me to do in just three words." (controlling, huh?)

The woman considered his proposition for a moment, then slowly removed a $20 note from her purse, which she pressed into the man's hand along with her address. She looked deeply into his eyes, and slowly and meaningfully said....

"Clean my house."

MoutnainGirl 39F

3/16/2006 5:43 am

LOL!! I love that one!

Moutnain Girl

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CamCumWithMe 61M

3/16/2006 6:12 am

I wish she would have told me, though, that it was a mansion! Whew! My aching back... my dishpan hands... and I broke a nail cleaning one of those 10 toilets!

BadlitleGoodGirl 34F

3/16/2006 6:30 am

Well CamCum did an okay job missed about 5 spots in the whole place and I found his broken nail.

mycin62 56F

3/16/2006 9:46 pm


NSAAddict 43F

3/19/2006 9:29 am

Excellent one! Girl power

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