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MWWwantsmore 52F
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4/7/2006 4:41 am

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4/10/2006 6:35 pm

Work Experience

I recently read a post on mycyn62's blog regarding an experience at work. I have had quite a few interesting experiences myself.

I have worked in healthcare for 23 years, have worked with the elderly, kids, and young adults with brain injury.

There was one patient who came to us from the hospital with a diagnosis of testicular/penis swelling and had some surgery. The orders from the doctor said to ice and elevate the "area"

So we were trying to figure out how to elevate the "area". We finally came up you need to picture this...

We took 2 tongue depressors and tied a piece of gauze between them, had a bag of ice under his testicles and positioned the tongue depressors on either side wedged in the ice and placed his penis in the "sling" lol We were all trying hard not to laugh at the whole situation, (the patient was elderly and had dementia) but I am sorry the whole idea of a "penis sling" was just too funny.

Then yesterday an elderly female patient called me over and quietly asked me..... "Do blondes REALLY have more fun?" So I of course said..."We most certainly do!"

Sometimes the patients just make my day and make work all worthwhile! Guess thats why I stayed in healthcare all this time.

docdirk 49M

4/7/2006 10:59 pm

Penis sling?? Call the patent office - you are gonna be stinkin rich!!!

(Can I place my order now? )

Ah, Its you again, Your Angel Feathers and your Blood Stains...

MWWwantsmore replies on 4/7/2006 11:02 pm:
HEE HEE I got something better than a penis sling for you!

mycin62 56F

4/7/2006 11:42 pm

LOL, wonder when that will be standard practice for all groin injuries?

MWWwantsmore replies on 4/8/2006 6:52 am:
You never know, it was very creative to say the least!

feathertouch71 47M
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4/8/2006 5:24 am

I've heard of using a lollipop stick as a splint to create a hard-on "jokingly", but a sling very creative!
Bet you had a lot of laughs about that one in the following weeks
Keep up the good work and its always nice to have fun with the people you work with or care for.

MWWwantsmore replies on 4/8/2006 6:53 am:
We did laugh but I really dont like laughing at situations like that, it just doesnt seem right!

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