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2/17/2006 7:27 am

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Ok so the last 2 mornings I have woken up to the sound of birds chirping, a sure sign of Spring? I sure hope so cause I hate winter, hate the cold, hate the snow!

This girl would much rather have the hot sun beating down on her as she is driving her car down the highway topless! Now for all you dirty minds out there I am talking about my car I drive a shiny red convertible and cant wait to drive it topless. ( although I have been known to drive with my "other" top down (or up) Have made a few horns beep!

So anyway I am praying for Spring/Summer to arrive soon! I am getting itchy to put that top down!

fantasylover_05 63M

2/17/2006 8:19 am

I can't wait for spring/summer either!!

Hmmm.... would LOVE to see you driving "topless"... (BOTH you and the car! LOL LOL LOL

I have a custom motorcyle I love to ride... so I know what you mean about the sun beating down... I would someday love to make love in the sun!!

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