Stepping Out On Loved Ones  

MVGirl1 50F
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11/10/2005 9:40 pm

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Stepping Out On Loved Ones

Why is it that a man steps out on his g/f with another who is more kinky than his g/f, namely me, and makes plans to meet me this past Sunday, and today, but when I sent e-mails and or txt msgs, he responds back wanting me to stop sending text msgs to his number, yet explain to his g/f that we never made plans to meet, and that I must have sent the txt msgs to the wrong number, and that the msgs were never meant for him?

He was so eager, not to mention ecstatic to see me this past Saturday, that HE said he would call me on Sunday to make plans to meet for an afternoon of pleasure, yet he never did. I forgave him that as he may have been called into work unexpectedly, or something came up. HE also said that he would pick me up from my Drs. apt this afternoon, but he never did.

BTW, his text msgs were sent to my cell # last night after i turned it off, and I did not get them till sometime this morning. This happened once b4 and he said it was a friend of his who he loaned his phone to and he was having some fun at our expense.

I replied and asked how was I to know that this was not a joke, since it happened b4? He replied back saying it wasn't. However, I don't believe him, after he practically ravished me the minute I got into his car Saturday nite when he picked me up, after numerous sexually charged e-mails were sent back and forth (for most of the afternoon till he picked me up), and a sexually charged phone call was made Saturday afternoon while I was waiting for my g/f to show up at the mall to hang out.

I feel so hurt, and confused. I know he has a g/f, but he's told me many times that he likes being with me as I am more into what he wants to do than his g/f is, yet he won't leave her, and I'm NOT asking him to. I did not set out to cause any trouble, and only sent txt msgs when I KNEW he was at work and they would not be found out, yet somehow she has.

I'm not the only one to blame here, he is just as much to blame as I am, yet I'm the one getting the raw end of the deal here. I mean, is there something seriously wrong with me, or are you guys all having a bit of fun at my expense, just to get your jollies? If so, then why am I even on this site? There are other BBW's on this site, who are looking for NSA fun, just like me, but I seem to be always getting dumped on for no good reason, and makes mee feel worthless, and I know I'm not, but it's things like this make me feel this way.

This wasn't meant for a long winded rant, just a simple question, so please forgive the rant. I am not usually like this. I do have plans to meet with a guy this cumming Tuesday for an evening of pleasure, and I KNOW that WILL happen. More on that in a future blog.

9Simon9 67M
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11/11/2005 6:26 am

On this web site, you'll see a number of men whose wife/GF/SO discover his meanderings, usually due to his not having computer savvy, which will almost always screw (no pun intended) things up in the end.
Those who are careless, usually end up paying for it.
Discretion is a must.
Sorry for your inconvenience. Hopefully, a majority of your experiences with people on this site will be favorable and memorable. Don't let one bad experience ruin it all for you.

MVGirl1 50F
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11/11/2005 5:30 pm

9Simon9 ~ The ironic thing is, HE is NOT even a member of this site! He was browsing under a friends handle and saw my profile and liked what he saw, and initiated the first contact. His g/f must have access to his cell phone or heard a txt come in and he couldn't explain who was sending him a txt msg.

I have met many wonderful men thru this site, and chat with them on and off, and have been with a few, and those were very memorable. And, like I said in my post, I am seeing a guy I met here and have been with once, this cumming Tuesday, of which I will post about in a future blog.

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