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11/12/2005 5:11 pm

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Yeah, someone is threatening to kill me if I don't post this. I doubt they would, but really why chance it? Anyways, www.Goshee.com is a free chat area, has m ic and video services also for free. This is over all a G rated area, but you can easily PM other people there and go to a private room and have web cam fun and chat. Also, people of many ages come here, ranging from 12 to 37, inside and outside the US. I would like everyone who views this to relate the message as a personal favor to me, and maybe even stop by and say hi to some people there. As of now, there is a strip tease room so if you want to show yourself off as being naked, go ahead.

Webcams - Free, fast fps but a little small. People must request to view you unless you invite them. Check profiles for minors!

Mic - Free, usually high quality, can do hands free mode. Yet again, check profiles for minors before you say x rated things.

Chat - Free, has many unique emoticons. Not to beat a dead horse, but Check profiles for minors!

This site is free and ever expanding, but to keep it off the radar of people wanting to censor it, mind what you say in front of those who are below 18. There are color codings, so you can just take a glance and see.

Orange - Guys 18 or older
Light Blue - Guys under 18
Purple - Girls 18 or older
Pink - Girls under 18
Green - Guests (unknown gender or age)

If when you look at their icon, you see blue eyes instead of grey, it means they have their cam on. To view a webcam, left click on their icon, and click request to view web cam. They can accept of deny, so usually best to ask first.


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