In the Beginning  

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2/17/2006 11:02 am

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In the Beginning

I begin this blog by saying that I am a well-educated African-American woman residing in the United States of America. My ancestry is rich in spiritual traditions and everyone is affluent.

I have spent a major part of my life being a "good" girl. In essence, my life was boring me to tears. As a bisexual woman, I have no bitterness towards either sex,just a strong desire to control them both.

My life as it is now began sometime ago in Nevada. Nevada awakened me to the "true" Mistress who had been sleeping in my spirit all my life.

As my first slave lay at my feet after a long session of being punished,verbally abused,and adoring me, I looked at him--there, on the floor,a look of ecstasy on his tear-stained face as if I had released him from some prison in his own mind---I thought to myself:

I want more of this. I want to experience this side of ecstasy and sexual release and share it with as many slaves as I can.

Let us

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