Language of LOVE  

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1/18/2006 10:54 am

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Language of LOVE

My Lady;

I feel so inadequate and impotent to the task that I have set before myself of attempting to put into words the emotions and feelings that you have engendered in me since we first met. The letter I wrote you before is but a pale shadow of the scope and beauty of the feelings I have for you. Yet, I feel compelled to make the attempt, however futile, for just as a bee is compelled to travel as far as necessary in order to collect the ingredients necessary for the survival of the hive. Compelled like a moth to the flame, with the knowledge that while knowing it may be destroyed by the seductive lure of the light, it can no more escape its’ fate than I can; in knowing that while I may be destroyed by the seductive, exotic and sensual charms that you have bewitched me with, I must see this through. For the prize of your heart and love are worth all of the heartache and pain that man has known throughout history.
Your beauty is such that I would make the stars a necklace around you sweet graceful throat, with the moon as the pearl hanging in the hollow of your breasts. Yet against your beauty they would be but pale and insignificant baubles against the radiance of the of your unearthly beauty. How can I make you understand that man has lied, killed and started wars for the Love of a woman such as you through out history? That Ajax and Paris would have left Helen
of Troy and fought for the opportunity to have your heart. That Caesar would have abandoned Cleopatra, and that Romeo would have ignored Juliet? You are one the rare and beautiful Jewels that God graces man with once in a millennium, and you have completely and totally captivate and enchanted my heart and soul with your charm, grace,
and beauty.
Can you see and feel the passion and power of a raging storm in the night? Can you imagine the beauty and power of nature unleashed? Feel the pounding of the thunder as it’s rumbles vibrate the entire land, see and experience the raw passion of Lightning as it flashes and lights the night skies? Can you taste the ozone in the air? Now in the magic of your imagination can you feel and experience the same raw power and passion unleashed in your lovers arms, of having climaxes and pleasure so intense and passionate as to make that storm look like a soft summers breeze?
Or can you imagine the magnitude of nature as she creates one of her most awesome and formidable sights?
A giant Tsunami that has it’s beginnings deep within the depths of the ocean, building and gaining strength gradually, inexorably until the power can no longer remain unchecked, and then finally reaching that nexus point of no return. Then in sheer awesome power and majesty it crashes down, inundating and overwhelming everything in its’ path. A woman’s orgasms are the same as a tidal surge in that they come from deep inside of her. My dream is to be able to take you in my arms, and to make you feel the same deep, awesome and beautiful power of a Tsunami inside yourself. I dream of making love to you, and of letting the pressure and power slowly and inexorably build until you could no longer hold yourself back from its power, and then proceed to let you experience climaxes so deep and powerful as to make your heart and soul quake, and that would make the real tsunami seem as peaceful and calm as a calm sea in the morning.
Can you appreciate the quiet and serene beauty of a Mare as she looks fondly upon a new born foal as it tries to stand? Can you feel in your heart the true feelings of love in something so simple as walking hand in hand along a quiet beach in the morning, with your only company the seagulls, and the waves are the music of your hearts. Can you feel and appreciate the most special of Loves, that of the sounds of silence, where there is no need of words or deeds, because your hearts and souls beat as one? Can you imagine being able to fall asleep softly in you lovers arms, with his lips gently kissing you, and his hands softly caressing you to sleep, with the music of his heartbeat keeping you safe and secure through the night? I can dream, and these are my dreams of you.
Do you ever feel adventurous? I do. I dream of you and I standing at the edge of the world, and looking across the precipice into the vast reaches of the galaxy, and then of taking your hand and stepping of, and falling among the stars with you in my arms. Of falling endlessly through time, with you in my arms, and making the heavens laugh with the sound of our passion, and love. With you forever in my embrace, and of the chance to love you throughout eternity. Can you feel these things? Can you let your imagination run wild, and unleash the passion and fires in your heart and soul?
Do you ever dream of being a princess, who has captured the heart of the gallant knight? Do you dream of being loved and cherished? Dream of a man who would find the way to make the moon a pearl for your necklace, and who would make the stars the necklace to hold it? Who would release all of the emotions and passions inside of you? If you can dream it my beautiful and sweet princess, then in your heart you can have it. For there are no boundaries to the human spirit, soul, and imagination once set free, except that which we put upon them. I know this because since meeting you my heart and soul have searched the cosmos for the right gifts and language to explain and show to you the depth of my feelings for you. Will you let me try to give you the gift of total and complete freedom, can I be the one to help shear the chains that keep your spirit from soaring? Can I be your knight, who would slay the dragons of fear, pain and loneliness that would assail you? So that you too could surf through the heavens and touch the stars with the beauty and passion of unrestrained and unconditional love? Can I be the Captain of the ship that would sail through all of the galaxies in the universe, exploring with our souls and hearts, the beauty and passion of a true and deep love?
In closing I would say that someday, some way, in these vast cosmos that God has given us to see and search, that I hope and pray that I will find the right words or language to convey just how deep, pure and passionate my feeling are towards you. Until then I will just have to try in however an imperfect and inadequate manner, to show you in the only language that I know in order to try to capture your heart, your love and your affections.
That, is the Language of LOVE.

AntraCaulkRowed 43M
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7/5/2006 5:38 am

Honey You rock my world


rm_SCME51 53M
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8/24/2006 2:50 am

MSHONEYFYNE an excellent blog, I pray that you find him wherever he is


5/22/2007 2:39 pm

mike you are very special to me!
that's why
I saved included this letter and the fires of heaven
after all you told me they was written for me so I saved and cherished them here in my blog
happy to see you still around
email me i know ya have it around

its been along time since
I saw your "face"
since I felt your" touch" a "warm embrace"
what a feeling such a "Rush"
a real man who is truly talanted with his
gifted charms ,
from his smile to his heart
not counting his tung

so you know ill never forget you or let it go
here is where I keep you
close to my heart and soul

ill never for get the way you
and showed me such "extacy"
if it could only last for "eternity"
what a "erotic "feeling
and thank you
you made my day


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