Up On Blocks For The Time Being  

MILFGoddess 45F
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6/4/2005 7:38 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Up On Blocks For The Time Being

And good evening to everyone out there in BLOG LAND!

Well, I knew it was a matter of time...

I had a pretty good car accident last night (moving vehicle Vs. stationary object!) and I am taking a break this week so I can rest up. It also helps that this is my PERIOD WEEK. That's always a definite thing that will keep me from playing! But being sore and bruised also keeps me from wanting to do things like play "Naked Twister"

I hit a light post in a cement bust with the patrol vehicle @ work last night. The Dodge Durango I was driving looks a LOT more tore up than it really is, I was assured. I was just happy that no SIGNIFICANT damage was done and that my boss wasn't mad @ me. I thought he was gonna freak because I backed into a cement ballast about 6 weeks ago and dented THE OTHER patrol truck. But he's a very understanding and WONDERFUL man. I thank him for that. The thing that floors me was that I was going 10-15 MPH and when I hit the bust, the first thing I saw was the white steam from the damaged radiator...but the air bag didn't inflate! I was surprised--a friend of mine got 2 black eyes from one of those going off in her face and she was only going about 8-10 MPH when hers happened! Guess I was just lucky.....??

So...I'll bleed and recuperate and I'll catch up with this in a few days.

Just call me "CRASH"

rm_qcao1 49F
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6/4/2005 9:08 pm

I am sorry to hear about your unfortunate incident, glad to hear you were not hurt.
Being in any car accident is a traumatic event.

wyvernrose 39F  
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6/4/2005 9:34 pm

lol sounds like your in the same state I am lol...

have dented a few patrol cars myself in my time lol they are insured they would be spitting chips if you got hurt though that's what would really hurt em...


MILFGoddess 45F

6/5/2005 4:37 pm

Thanks for your well-wishes, Ladies! I truly appreciate it...nice to know that even if you don't PERSONALLY know someone, there are STILL compassionate people in the world! *HUGS*

It's so funny--in hindsight--when I was hysterical, bawling, snot drippin' everywhere, TEARIN' UP a box of Kleenex and trying to tell my boss what happened over the phone, HE WAS ACTUALLY LAUGHING @ ME!!!! Men!!! But it makes me feel good to know that everyone here where I work is so accepting of the fact that no one is perfect and accidents WILL happen. I work for such a GREAT establishment! Not to mention that I DEFINITELY keep my Guardian Angel on her toes! LOL!

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