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Hmmmm.....just thinking about my trip to ft walton for hurricane katrina...after my house and car was destoyed, i had the opportunity to stay in a nice condo on the beach for a few days...had my first trip to cash's which was GREAT NAUGHTY FUN....Ended up partying all night with my girlfriend at some of the local clubs. she hooked up with one military guy so we brought him back to the condo. i decided to get in the hottub while they were hooking up in his car in the parking lot...after a while it got to hot in the sauna so i decided to take a stroll on the was beautiful! full moon out, water was nice and cool...i was all alone..after a while i wanted to go check on her so i headed back to the condo; she was not in the car or in the room so i checked the sauna, sure enough he was pounding that big ass of her really hard...i decided i needed some relief as well so i got naked and got in the hottub while he was fucking her pretty hard..she was holding on to her ankles while he had one hand on her hip and the other wrapped around her waist length hair. she was screaming so loud, its amazing no one heard...i had one two many drinks so it was taking me a little too long to get off, so i let her help me out a bit...he almost died....this sweet little boy had never had the luck of being with two woman, much less two chicks who are pretty good at getting each other he let up some slamming on that ass so she could suck on my perky clit...i had one hand on my hip and the other on the wall while she was sucking my pussy didnt take him long at all...she stopped long enough to turn around so we both could get on our knees side by side...and little army boy blew his load all over on our faces and hair...nothing like eating some cum off of your girlfriends tongue...we gave him 10 minutes and he was at again...this time she rode him on the floor of the sauna while i stood in front of her so she could go back to getting me off with the miraclous tongue of hers....after two or three times getting off like that i decided i needed some rest so i left the love birds to finish up and i hit the bed...i ended up rubbin a few more out to help me sleep and then i passed out....HARD TO BELIEVE THE NEXT NIGHT WAS SO MUCH FUCKING BETTER....that was the first night i swallowed some spit...

rm_chris196622 49M

6/25/2006 8:57 am

O.k now i'm getting serious I just saw your face picture at the bottom of one of your post. You are fucking HOT to me. What would you like for me to do to you !!! I can get as wild and crazy as they come, Because I can afford it, Not that I need it, I do have a prescription for viagra. It makes me fucking hard as a rock and I can stay hard for hours, after I cum it only takes a little foreplay and I'm rock hard again. We really need to play HARD!!
Let me buy you a sexy dress. Then you can flash me and tease me. So I can tear it off( or take it off so you can keep it) so I can eat your tight little pussy you've been teasing me with until you cum all in my month. Then I can fuck the shit out of your hungry little pussy until it hurts with pleasure. P.S I'd love to play with your ASS.

fantomflyer26 41M

6/26/2006 11:47 am

How about we try all of that?

rm_herradurra 52M

6/29/2006 7:26 am

great story ,all the army recruiters ought to post it on there buliten boards for potential recruits to see..just shows once again how smokin ass hot you are,and how lucky your friend is to get to suck on that clit..

xxxsouthernboy 47M

7/2/2006 4:41 am

I would love to run into you and your friend! Great story!

newinjackson2 39M
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8/22/2006 4:48 am

wow this story is great. read it just before i went to work and had to run take care of business before i could leave. i cant show up with a massive erection!!!

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