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8/22/2006 2:36 pm

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It is interesting how we go about doing things. Was looking at the lawn after I got home and said to myself I should mow that since it has been a couple of months it seem like anyway.

Not much to mow (just under a half acre) but I needed to fix the mower anyway. Here in southern Arkansas it has been quite dry and the lawn is mostly brown but what the hell. Got it fixed and started it up and well the dust just blew everywhere.

Got a good look at the pecan tree while I was mowing the dirt and it doesn't seem like it is going to have too many nuts on it this year. Still had some from last fall and it was not such a great year either.

When I made it back into the house looked in the mirror and could not believe how much dirt my sweat attracted. Can't say I didn't do anything after that. Gott'a be pretty bored to mow dirt I figure. Would water the lawn but everbody says that it drains the aquifer so since I have spent so many years in desert areas doesn't make much difference to me and I guess my neighbors look at it about the same way. They like to mow dirt too.

You folks take it easy and will find something more interesting to write about. Any suggestions?


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