It's Thursday  

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5/4/2006 12:38 pm

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It's Thursday

Yes once again Thursday has reared it's ugly head. I hate Thursday almost as much as Monday. Not to worry they are the only two days of the week that are not on the top of the list. Best day is Wednesday "hump day" just sounds so like a I might get laid day whether I do or not, sounds good. Second best day is Saturday just because you can just hang out and do nothing if you want. You can sleep a little later hug a little more and nobody is in a rush to do anything well except the folks who have kids or grand kids jumping all over them to go fishing or to the mall. Sorry, kind of at an inbetween point myself. Kids are grown and out of the house with no current prospects of grandchildren. Will probably be 50 before I see the first one but that is quite alright with me. They are just following their dreams right now unlike their father who couldn't wait to have kids when he was a young man. Both of my sister in laws waited until they were in their mid to late 30' to have kids. Kind of a bonus for me. It's like having grand children without having all of the grand parent things that go along with it. I will enjoy it when it happens but for now it is great being an uncle who can spoil them rotten and send them on their way. Anyway for now I will enjoy my Saturday's and use them to rest up for my day.

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5/4/2006 9:01 pm

I had my son somewhat late in life...he is 16 and I will be 48 soon. The timing was perfect for me. I am one of the few adults I know that actually enjoys teenagers...they seem to keep me young

Because I am self-employed, one day is the same as the next for me. I get no Monday blues or Friday "thank gods"...but I have to say that Sunday is a favorite...the one day that I rarely HAVE to do anything

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5/6/2006 11:02 am

We had both of our kids while we were both in our early and I mean early 20's. I see some of the advantages I suppose of waiting but we enjoyed our kids growing up almost with us so much that can't imagine how it would have been without them. I agree that having them later does have it's advantages. In my sister's case they have been able to do so much more for their kids than we ever could have for ours. Even as an Uncle there is so much more that I can do for them, spoil them rotten!!! In todays world that is a much more expensive proposition than it was when mine were growing up. A fishing pole and some worms are much less expensive than a game for an X-Box or Game Cube. This time of year, I could get a kite for the kids and go out a fly them for hours and they would have a blast and so would I. My nephews would rather play a computer game or watch a video. My niece is a reader so we sit and read for hours and is great until I fall to sleep. She just nudges me and asks me if I'm listening. I just tell her that I am closing my eyes to see the story unfold in my head then she does the same thing and then falls asleep too. Such a funny kid. I am so glad that I am where I am now.

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