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5/6/2006 1:10 pm

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Thought I might go through the effort and send in all of the information needed to become a verified member. Before I did it was getting many many wonderful e-mails and good conversation. I have noticed that since I did that the traffic has dropped in a dramatic way. I suppose that some folks don't want to know that who you are is who you say you are. I guess that was "my bad" but can't do anything about that now. I am who I am and have no regrets other than having scared off a few friends that my have enjoyed my company. And so it goes.


clevergirl4U 59F

5/6/2006 1:51 pm

I can't imagine that it has anything to do with being verified. I don't really even know what it means to be verified and have never paid any attention to it....

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5/6/2006 4:39 pm

Have to send a form in to with identification. They check out all the information and match it against what you said when you registered. Nothing that HAS to be done but when someone looks at my profile they can know that the basic personals that I gave are in fact what they are. More for the viewer of my profile than me. I just figure that when you write or anybody for that matter you know that I'm writing from BF Arkansas and not BF Egypt lol. You are probably right doesn't probably make a difference but was just saying what I had noticed.

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