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Had to make a trip to Ft. Smith this weekend for a family function. I had forgotten what a nice city it is. 2 malls and starbucks which is important to daughter. We had a great time while we were there.

Being in southern Arkansas, kind of out in the middle of nowhere, I wondered why I didn't just keep going when I was coming back (one way or the other). Could have gone west to Amarillo. There is a steak house there where you can get a free 72 oz steak if you can eat it and all the trimmings. Never did that when I lived close enough to go while stationed in New Mexico.

Went to Amarillo quite often when we lived there but most of the time went to Lubbock. Texas Tech University or what I lovingly called Texas Tit University. My kind of place. Besides the mall was better there. They also had a X-rated drive in too and on occasion, my bride and I would get a baby sitter for the night and take the drive over with a few toys and do a little playing kind of out in the open with a hundred other cars doing the same thing. That was fun! But we were young and I would imagine that it isn't there anymore however it would be something if it was.

Don't have the desire to go north or south for the most part, just east or west on 40. Could be because I know it so well from all my traveling through the years. Lost my favorite pillow in 83 when we were returning to the lower 48 from Alaska. Almost got to see the meteor crator up close and personal but never seemed to make it before it closed. Question here, how in the hell do you close a meteor crater?? Stick a fence around it and let the national park service run it. Damnit, and yes that is one word in my vocabulary. About my favorite word.

Did go to the Grand Canyon a couple of times but once would have done it. Looked the same the second time as it did the first time except the kids were old enough to enjoy the view and the Fred Flinstone thing on the way there. Wonder if it's still there, was in pretty bad shape when we went.

Albuquerque was interesting and the first time we visited we went to the Air Force base and was able to replace the wedding ring my bride lost when she was cleaning the stove in Alaska. Never did find it up there but fortunately, they had an exact match at the base. Her ring still looks almost new while my ring is worn. I often wonder if I will need a new one someday.

A little off I-40 I know I can still give a good tour of Hoover Dam. Don't know how many family members visited when I lived in Las Vegas. Oh and let's not forget the strip. Have been hearing that they are building a new bridge next to the dam so you won't have to drive over it anymore. Too bad in a way but it will make the trip from Kingman a little faster. Great fireworks on New Year's eve so it was worth it living there. Saved many people a bunch on hotel bills if nothing else.

Well enough for some of the western travels for today. Been all across it so both east and west there have been many things we have done. For now take it easy and all is well.


sexyariesgirl 58F

7/10/2006 5:59 pm

I love to travel....just don't get to do enough of it....I enjoy reading of places others have been though.

Power To FOK

MARRIEDBORED59 replies on 7/12/2006 9:35 am:
Like to hear about others travels too. You never know what kind of stories you might get!

MARRIEDBORED59 replies on 9/27/2006 7:03 am:
Girl, the stories I could tell from our travels would be something to share but, tried that on here and didn't fly. Just have to keep them in my thoughts I guess.


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