Tantric Love  

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1/5/2006 8:23 pm

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Tantric Love

Sex, sweat, love and lust,
bound together by hope and trust.
A combination that can't be beat.
The allure of it all, feels so sweet.

Kissing, rubbing, touching and fucking,
mixed well with licking and sucking.
Our bodies rock with perfect rhythm.
We're a prime example of Hedonism.

Teasing, pleasing, trying and teaching,
Kama Sutra sex and Tantric preaching.
Finding zones on you, until now unaware.
Learning ways to climax, you didn't know were there.

Moaning, scratching, cumming, grasping,
pure satisfaction, purring and gasping.
With every ounce of need fulfilled,
we melt together, tantric love revealed.


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