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1/16/2006 3:39 pm

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I love my new sex toy.
Whatever I want to do,
I know that you'll enjoy.
My new sex toy is you.

Your sexual appetite,
just as strong as mine.
Wanting lustful knowledge,
you thrive to cross the line.

Pushing you to new limits,
is a deed I do enjoy.
As you know, satisfaction,
is the quest that I envoy.

Your complete and utter ecstasy,
is the prize I treasure most.
Breaking through the boundries,
your inhibitions are a ghost.

You let me have my way with you,
my way is to bring you pleasure.
Of course you know, I enjoy it too,
but, completing you, I treasure.

My new sex toy makes me hot,
cum over here and let me play.
My erotic side is in overdrive,
We're gonna play a new game today.


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