At First  

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1/13/2006 9:51 am

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At First

At first you didn't believe,
then you began to feel.
Now, I think it's clear to see,
the love we have is real.

The way we move so well together.
The way we feel when we embrace.
The way we look into each other's eyes.
The way we smile when we're face to face.

At first you didn't believe,
now you know it's true.
What once was just a mystery,
has been solved by me and you.

The way we long to be together
The way I feel when I think of you.
The way I need you right by my side.
The way you feel the same way too.

At first you didn't believe,
now I'm so glad you do.
Our hearts are bound together,
by this love we know is true.

The way we cling to every last second.
The way I just can't seem to let you go.
The way you look when I'm inside you.
The way we bask in the afterglow.

At first you didn't believe,
now I can say, I told you so.


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