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He looked up from his newspaper as he saw her enter the living room. All hot and flustered from the haste she developed as soon as he had called her. Eagerly walking towards him she bowed over and met him in a light kiss as he pushed himself out of the chair offering her a seat. ‘Glad u could make it that quickly sweetie’ he said as he poured in the empty wineglass sitting beside him and offering it to her. ‘I have decided to throw another little dinner party tonight so I need u to prepare yourself as soon as possible’. Saying those words immediately brought a deep shade of red on her otherwise white cheeks Her chest heaved heavy as she considered his words, knowing what the evening probably would entail but still not sure. ‘K baby’, she answered ‘what should I wear’. He looked deep in her eyes, ‘only the short silk robe I got u for Christmas my dear’. He watched her hand tremble lightly as she put her wineglass at her mouth, gulping the wine down in one quick movement and smiled. ‘Now off u go and prepare yourself’ as he started to proceed to read the newspaper, not looking at her anymore.

She waited for a minute contemplating if she would take another glass of wine but since she wasn’t offered one and he was ignoring her she thought the better of it and went upstairs, stealing a last glance at him as she hurried up the stairs. She watched herself when she undressed in front of the mirror, caressing her smooth silk body as she stripped down to her bra an panties. She noticed that her nipples already were hard, trying to fight their way free from the confinement of the bra. She sighed when she undid the bra and started to massage the nipples. Feeling them grow underneath her hands, pinching them, feeling herself getting moist by her actions and the anticipation of the forthcoming dinner party. Quickly she stripped her panties. It took sheer willpower not to let a finger slip in her pussy but she succeeded in it, knowing that the waiting would only add to the pleasure.

She made her way to the bathroom and turned on the shower as she got underneath it. Letting the shower run over her body, the hot water mixed with her emotions and feelings made her even feel wetter then all the water in the world ever could do, feeling the water cascade down her body made her forget everything for a while. Hot steam engulfing her body and her mind, not thinking of the future or past, only the here and now as she played with her body, caressing every little pore.

Suddenly the water flow was cut off. Startled she opened her eyes and she saw him standing in the bathroom, dressed in his best suit. Her first thought was how quickly he changed and then she noticed the towel in his hands and the look on his face. ’U taking way too long’ he said, ‘our guests will be arriving shortly’. He handed her the towel as he sat down on the edge of the bath and proceeded to watch her dry herself off. His piercing eyes made her feel uncomfortable but she knew she had to hurry, besides it started to turn her on. She bend over, legs spread a little bit, exposing herself to him from behind. Knowing it would turn him on she spread her legs even more, showing her clean shaven pussy lips as she proceeded to dry her legs off one at the time, ever so slowly, bending deeper as to give him a perfect view. Glancing at him trough her legs she saw him stare intensely at her body which made her instantly wet again. Abruptly he stood up and walked out of the bathroom. Disappointed she stood there, a loud groan escaped her lips as she got upright again.

Drying the rest of her body off. Quickly she massaged the body lotion in, ignoring her still hard nipples although taking special care of her breasts as she massaged them, making sure not to touch the nipples knowing that if she did she probably wouldn’t stop anymore. As she combed her long dark hair she watched herself in the mirror, her pale blue eyes staring back at her. She recognized the look of lust slowly taking over her mind and soul. She slid in her robe as she walked barefoot downstairs. She was greeted by him at the end of the stairs. Kissing her lightly on her forehead as she stood in front he hold out the silk scarf in his hand. ‘Turn around sweetie’ he said as he proceeded to blindfold her and lead her to the dinning room. He put her against the short end of the dinning table and kissed her, tongues swirling, hungrily searching for each other playing hide and seek with each others tongues. He pushed her body backwards, down on the dinning table as he lay her down. He opened her robe and pushed it off her and she felt his hot breath caressing her body, involuntary her body arched higher to meet his waiting lips but she never reached those, only the agonizing breath that filled her with desire again. Feeling the wetness that never entirely left her body coming back again, flooding her. All of a sudden the hot air surrounding her body left her, she gasped as she felt her wrists being taken and her arms pushed above her head. He tied her hands against the table and proceeded to do the same with her legs, making sure she was tied firmly against the table as he watched her, totally exposed for all to see, legs spread wide, her shaven pussy showing in all her splendour. With an amused look he gazed at her rock hard nipples, those always gave her away he thought as he fought the urge to pinch them hard.

He moved towards the kitchen preparing the rest of the dinner. He was running late as he made his final arrangements.
As soon as he was finished the door bell rang. He glanced back at her as he saw her struggle to cum up but to no avail. He slowly walked over to her, adjusted the blindfold, making sure she couldn’t see anything and slowly whispered in her ear ‘sweetie, they are here, no one will speak so u won’t hear anything expect my voice, just lay still and relax. I promise u that that way it will be more enjoyable’. As soon as he had said the last word he pinched her nipples hard causing a loud moan to escape her lips. He smiled as he walked to the front door greeting his guests……

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Mmmm.... it seems to me this story sounds a tad familiar....
and it seems to be causing a reaction within myself.. as did the last.

*Smiles, kisses n hugz*

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No new posts ?

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Hey international man of mystery, let me know your ok ...

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so are you jerosd? i could be entirely mistaken, but somehow this smacks of you... i mean him... and the timing of these posts is about right. so is your profile.


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ok, don't answer. just flirt with me.

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