The last Dick that tried to rule!!!!  

Lyric8273 36F
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8/3/2006 3:30 am
The last Dick that tried to rule!!!!

I was dating this one guy, and we talked and talked and talked. Sex wise, we matched he loved woman and I loved woman. Everything seemed well and dandy. Then one day he gets a room and I was just so fucking excited. I was like he is gonna rearrange my back. He pulls up to the bumper and damn the motherfucker had a flat tire and was still trying. He stated you dont seem interested. Of course I wasnt, I mean I am all hot and bothered and ready for some action and here I am on the side of the road waiting!!! Needless to say he just held and but later introduced me to eroctica asphyxiation. I think I spelled it wrong, but anyways that was off the fucking chain, I nutted like three times back to back. I got some pleasure that day but not what I wanted.

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