Nice legs,what time do they open?  

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3/16/2006 12:55 am

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Nice legs,what time do they open?

I've been using that lame line for years now,it usually either gets me a smile,chuckle, a harsh look and even a slap from time time.

Only once before has that line worked,until today.

Everyday I go to the usual service station near my house to get the paper,gas,smokes or whatever.

Many times (about 3 times a week) I run into a woman who also goes to the same service station as I do.

In the past we have smiled at eachother and even held small conversations,I have even asked her out twice, but my offers were quickly rejected with a gracious,NO.

To fully understand my dilema,try going back to High School or elsewhere that you bumped into someone you only knew from a far,but was so beautiful that she would pop in your mind from time to time,or while visiting the usual spot you'd see her at,you'd get anxious and even desperate at times,wishing she'd show up.

Well today I ran into my Wonder Woman (dead ringer for Linda Carter),there she was dressed in a sassy white workout outfit,her long black hair flowing in the wind,her piercing blue eyes gazing at me as she responds to my usual "Hello,how are you today?", Great... she responds as she enters the service station while I'm pumping gas (wishing to pump her).

She comes out as I am almost finished pumping gas,I guess she had notice that I too was wearing workout clothes and asked me if I was going or coming from a gym,I reply going,she replies "Me too,have fun",and off we went our seperate ways.

There I am helping my friend who owns the gym O go to,as I sat in for him to teach his martial arts class of rug rats (American Kenpo) until he returns from where he was going,when suddenly an employee calls me over to meet a new student.

Lord and behold! It was my Wonder Woman!

No need to say how shocked we both were,her expression was one of a wide eyed,big smile,shy little girl look as I stood there in the typical male fashion,with the usual tongue hanging out look a man gets when he is giddy about someone.

After a breif exchange of words she joins the class,30 minutes later the class is over and all the runts have gone,but she stayed behind to get familiar with the gym and equipment.

I'm finishing stretching doing a split as she suddenly comes over and says these words to me (I kid you not!) "Nice legs,what time do they open?"

I went ape shit with laughter and fell back on the mat crying my ass off from laughing,while she's there standing over me looking at me as if I was a nut case!

She asks if I was okay,I said I am fine and to give me a minute.

I calm down and explained to her that I use that line a lot,she then almost pisses in her pants knowing now why I was crazed with laughter.

Now here's the fucked up part,my friend who owns the gym,set her up for it!

He told her to say that to me and she did(He knows my line),turns out she is a very good friend of his,and the weird part is that I have been telling my friend about this woman for months now! lol

Let's cut to the chase as I am damn tired from today's longggggg adventure.

We went for lunch and had a blast,then we went back to her place for a dip in the pool.

My dear blog readers,the rest is history!

6 1/2 hours of pure fucking pleasure with the most incredible woman a man can lay eyes on,not just her beauty,but her brains.

The foreplay was amazing,from the kitchen,balcony (construction guys loved it),bed and beyond...

I never imagined that this shy looking beauty could be such a freak!

Her toy collection is like a who's who,what what list,I'm talking 3 breifcases full here folks,all top of the line.

In all honesty,right now being so late I cannot even begin to explain all the pleasure we had together.

But I will fill you in later on what went on.

Be good or (bad) kiddies and stay tuned.

Goodnight and good fuck.

angelofmercy5 60F
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3/16/2006 2:21 am

I had a good line here....until I read Mzhuny's response! So...just spreadin the word!

rm_PurryKitty2 49M/51F
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3/16/2006 4:15 am

Oooo I cant wait to hear more

Purry {=}


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