My first AFF face to face encounter!  

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3/28/2006 10:47 am

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My first AFF face to face encounter!

Finally joining this site paid off this past Sunday.

It was late Saturday night while chatting on AdultFriendFinder'S Florida chat room that I met a hottie looking for some fun and who lived within 5 miles from me.

We private chatted a while and made plans to meet early Sunday morning as I had already had plans for the day to fly to Bimini for the day with friends.

I picked her up at about 6 a.m.,sexy with a banging body and beautiful face,what more can a man ask for?

Actually a man like myself does ask for more (more on this later on).

We had a quick breakfast at Denny's,we talk while chowing down our grub,during our conversation she decideds to admit to me that she is scared of flying and once she found out I would be the one piloting the plane,she really freaked out,I assured her that I am a great pilot with over 5000 hours of experience and that the plane is mine and not rented,so I know everything is working properly,none of that helped as she was truly fearfull of flying.

Imagine my thoughts,this girl knew beforehand that we were to fly to Bimini,needless to say being the gentlmen that I am,Iasked if boating was okay,she jumped for joy "Oh yes I love boating".

So now I have to call my friends who were to come with us and tell them to forget flying and to meet me in Coconut Grove where my boat is parked,all this killed about an hour and a half worth of time,because we needed to stock supplies,fuel up and do a safety inspection etc.

It was cold as hell on Sunday,waters were choppy,not really what one would call a good day for boating.

Fast Foward: By 10 am this girl is piss drunk,acting a fool and to top it off,gets sick and throws up in the boat,instead of throwing up elsewhere or overboard.

I tend to her,make sure she feels better etc. and asked if she had ever gone boating,guess what folks?

She's never been on a boat before! I cannot explain her earlier reaction to boating "Oh yes I love boating"?????

At about noon or so we arrive in Bimini,go through customs,but I get put aside from a custom official who I've known for years,and then he starts to laugh at me about my date "You caught a live one here,didn't you?" "I would of thrown her overboard" he says lol

Fast fast forward :After fishing and catching nothing but a cold, we head to my friends condo on the island,bar b qued up a storm,drank and had us some fun playing strip twister,by now my date was feeling better and seemed to be getting along with everyone,she came into her own,thank God!

Night was closing in,so we decide to stay over night as the waters were way to dangerous to head back home,we all went to the tiki bar,more drinks,more fun etc.

Qucik facts:9(all day my date and I kissed and messed around a bit)only after she brushed her teeth lol

I head to the beach with my date,as cold as fuck as it was,we did the nasty near the water,our feet turned to prunes in seconds,it was damn cold!

Head back to the condo,did the nasty even more and more and more,no doubt she was a rabbit with radioactive batteries in her,good for me,I'm not complaining!

Now what I will complain about my date is the fact that with all that beauty, with all that sex drive,she seemed at times ugly.

Ugly do to her whining about little things,her lack of education,her lack of holding a conversation that had nothing to do with sex or shopping etc.

To be honest,I rather spend my time with an average lady,with an average sex drive,but with more then an average (or below average) brain.

For some,dating someone who can hold their own during any sort/topic of conversation,is more atrtractive then a perfect 10 body,I am one of the some folks.

I am known as a giving and caring man,I'll admit I like to spoil my dates/parnter,but it gives me better pleasure spoiling/pampering someone who deserves it,no sense of spending $5000 on D&G dress on someone who cannot hold their own at a upscale party,to me that is a waste of good greenbacks!

If I wanted a bubbly perfect 10 simply for sex,I know many great escort services who offer these delicious beauties at $150 an hour.

Now dont get me wrong,I am not stuck up or stuffy,but I do feel one should know how to adapt to the enviroment one is in,if it's upscale and you cannot keep up with a conversation,the best thing to do is walk away politely or just smile and shut up,acting shy always works.

I can hang with my Bacardi friends (stuck up family to the max) and with my gansta hoody friends in any of their enviroments,it's all about knowning the subject and lifestyle at hand.

I will be seeing my radioactive bunny again this week,but this time I will ask her where she would like to go,what she wants to do,I'll allow her to choose her style of enviroment and take it from there,after all I am no fool,a radioactive energized beauty like this doesnt come everyday!

And I'll admit,once you take her out of a stuffy scene,her bubbly persona is quite cute and enjoyable,plus she doesnt ask for much,she rather have a bottle of Berringer then one of my $1000 bottles of Ausone.

Good day and good fuck....check back for more (hopefully) AdultFriendFinder hook up stories from yours truly...

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