Sex in a Limo - What is your Fantasy???  

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7/17/2006 2:30 pm

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8/7/2006 4:24 pm

Sex in a Limo - What is your Fantasy???

I recently had SEX IN A LIMO and wandered if everyone else loved it as much! I've always wanted to do it and the opportunity presented itself last week. My girl came through like a pro, but it got me thinking about FANTASIES.....

WHAT IS YOUR FANTASY AND HAS IT COME TRUE? Do you want it again and again, or do you move on to the next one? If you've ever had a fantasy come true, is it no longer a fantasy?

My fantasy on my profile is SEX WITH A STRANGER. If it happened to me, I'd want to get it again and again. That's my nature, I'm always looking for a good time.

Tell me about your fantasies......

Here are some more of my fantasies.

- Join in a swinger party. I know swinger parties are typically couples and hot women, but why do hot guys get excluded? I qualify too... Also, the idea of getting pleasured in a roomful of beautiful people doing the same thing makes me hornier than hell.

- Full body massage. Lying face down and enjoying the massage greatly, the masseur tells me its time to flip over. When she pulls up the sheet, she takes it and throws it to the floor. She is completely naked and beautiful. You can see where this one is going.

- Sex outside on a hot day. I love to get sweaty and am always horny, so the combination is explosive. I think having a pool or ocean to jump into is always a great relief to cool down and reload for the next round.

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