The Str8 Bud  

Luv2SukHotMen 52M  
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9/5/2006 7:43 pm
The Str8 Bud

I live about an hour out of the city. One of my straight friends from work asked me if I was close to a particular small town, and I told him I was just a few miles from it. He said he had a date with a girl from there that he had met at a bar in the city a couple of weeks before. After some conversation, I told him he ought to just pack a bag and crash at my place that night. He said he hoped he got lucky and wouldn't need my spare room, but it sounded like a good "fall back" plan.

The big night came, and Frank stopped by to leave his stuff. Then he headed out for his (hopefully) hot night. He was still not back when I started getting sleepy- around 11- but I had given him a key. I headed on to bed.

About 11:30, I heard him stumble in. As he passed my bedroom door, I asked him how the night had gone. He said it was ok, but she was a "nice girl"... he didn't get to first base. He had taken her home after dinner and a movie, and he had stopped by a watering hole for a couple (more like a "few") drinks. He had consumed just enough to lose his inhibitions.

As we continued to talk, he sat down on the side of my bed. It was pretty dark in my bedroom, with only the light from a room down the hall throwing a yellowish, warm glow onto one wall. Frank kicked his shoes off to get more comfortable... and eventually he had to go to the bathroom to get rid of some of the beer he had been drinking. I heard him go into the spare room for a couple of minuted before returning to mine. In the soft glow, I could see he had stripped to his boxers, and he returned to his seat on the side of my bed.

Frank is tall and lanky. He is handsome, in a geeky sort of way. I have always admired how nice his butt looks in whatever slacks he chooses to wear, and he usually sports a health bulge in front. He isn't exactly a hunk, but he has a sexy quality about him. Seeing him in his boxers reinforced that assessment.

"So, can I ask you a personal question?", he said.

"Sure", was my reply.

"Rumor around the office says you like boys."

"Well, yes, I do, but don't worry... I don't molest my house guests."

"Oh, I didn't mean to imply there's anything wrong with it. I am strictly into women, but its cool with me if you're gay."

I told him it meant a lot to me that he was so open-minded. Frank started to figit a little, and I could tell he wanted to say something, but he was having a hard time getting it out. I reassured him that we are friends, so no conversation was off limits.

Finally, he said, "So would you consider helping a straight bud out with a blowjob?" "Sure, man. I'd love to."

What happened after that was sheer pleasure for both of us. Frank stood up and dropped his boxers. He turned toward the bed, and waved his 8 inch cut cock in my face. Of course, I couldn't resist the desire to taste it. I laid on my back and hung my head over the side of the bed. Frank pushed his now-hard cock into my mouth, and down my eager throat. I sucked his cock 3 more times that night, as well as a few times since.

Franks says I give the best blojobs... but then again, Frank has an incredible cock for sucking. His rod and my mouth fit together like a hand and glove. He has the sweetest tasting cum I have ever consumed.

I think what I like about blowing Frank is we both are very clear on our roles. He is the stud and I am the cocksucker. Outside of sex, our friendship has grown, and we have done a few "guy things" together. He has also been dating the "nice girl" from town, so he needs to crash at my place regularly.

I could use a few more friends like Frank... I can't get enough cum!

SnowyDauntLemur 55M
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11/17/2011 10:38 pm

I wanted you to be my first. I'd never been with a dude before, but sensed from reading your blog entries that you would treat me right.

When I show up at your place I'm clearly nervous, but you do a nice job of setting the mood. The room is warm, comfortable, relaxing. The light is very low.

On the TV you have a DVD playing. It's not too hardcore, mainly guys jacking off solo or with each other, so we settle down to watch.

You take out your cock to get things started. I touch it, but I'm nervous, so you turn your attention to me. You lightly touch my balls through my jeans. As my cock begins to grow you find the head with your fingers and stroke lightly for 20 minutes, relaxing me while at the same time arousing me.

Pants come off. My cock is now fully erect, and you continue to touch and stroke it lightly, which only makes me harder. At times you pull your hand away, which only makes me want to feel more of your touch.

After what seems like an hour of foreplay and watching porn, you sense that I'm ready to experience your skills.

I spread my legs as you kneel before me. I can feel your warm breath on my throbbing cock. You hesitate for a moment before taking me in your warm, wet mouth. You work your tongue around my head while cupping my balls in your hand.

My cock slips out of your mouth at one point, and in the faint light I can see it glisten, see the wetness on your lips.

You take me again for several minutes, building me closer to eruption. You know it's my first time, so you are taking it slow, teasing and licking.

Finally you want me to come. But instead of taking me deeper in your mouth, you surprise me by rapidly licking the underside of my cockhead.

Your tongue is rapidly darting across the underside when I moan, my first shot arcing more than a foot in the air, followed by two more. The river of cum flows from my cockhead and onto your tongue as you continue to lick and tease rapidly. As I gasp you take me in your mouth again until the spasms stop.

When you pull back I can't help but notice that your cock is hard, but I know I can't have it.

The sight of it only stirs me, however, and it's not long before I feel myself getting hard again, and I know that you will take me in your mouth again soon, and make my second experience even more memorable than the first.

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