The Satellite Installer  

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1/22/2006 7:07 pm

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The Satellite Installer

I decided to ditch cable and get a satellite dish, so I took advantage of one of those free equipment and installation offers. It was pretty cool how all I had to do was pick a date and whether I preferred morning, afternoon or evening, and the installation was scheduled. I selected and evening installation- between the hours of 4 and 8.

About 6, the phone rang, and it was my installer telling me he was on his way. I guess I was expection more of the butt-crack showing, dirty plumber type, so I really didn't have any expectations. I was just anxious to get it installed.

A few minutes later, a van pulled into the driveway. Out stepped one heck of a man! He was short in stature (I am guessing about 5 ft 7 in), but there is a lot to be said for small packages! His shirt was one of the company-supplied polos with the logo, and it fit him snugly... accentuating his chiselled features. The shirt was tucked into a well-fitted pair of jeans which framed an incredible bubble butt and one of those bulges in the front which forces you to take a second, admiring look.

He was 30-ish, with short brown hair, brown eyes and a cleanshaven face. He was quite handsome, and his face showed evidence of his love for the sun. That was also evident by his dark arms and the portion of his smooth chest which was exposed thanks to the polo's buttons being left undone. In a word, he was hot.

I answered the door and he greeted me with a wide smile.I was his last install, which I assumed meant he wasn't in as much of a rush as he might have been earlier in the day. He checked out the location of my TV and asked me where I wanted the dish to be placed. He then set to work on the outside of the house... installing the dish and cables.

He then came inside the house to finish his job. I sat happily admiring him while he worked. At one point, the television needed to be moved in order to connect the cables. As he turned the TV, a DVD case fell from behind it. It was one of those old Jeff Stryker movies that I thought I had lost a long time ago.

Anyway, I turned beet red with embarassment as he laughed and handed it to me. He then assured me that he had seen much "stranger" things in his work, and he said everybody enjoys a little porn every now and then.

As he was reassuring me, he began rubbing his crotch, and it was obvious that he was becoming aroused. I asked him is he ever "scored" while he was working, and he said, "yes, occasionally." I told him that as hot as he was, I was sure he could score anytime he wanted, and he said, "How about now?" I just smiled and licked my lips.

He stood up to reveal a sizeable "tent" in the front of his jeans. He walked over to me and I began licking his cock through the denim fabric.

He unbuttoned his jeans and slowly lowered the zipper to reveal that he was wearing no underwear. His 7" cock soon sprang from its confines and I greeted it with hungry lips.

First, I encircled the circumsized head, licking underneath- feeling his cock jerk as I teased the head. At the same time my hands were caressing his butt cheeks, and I moved my attention to his low-hanging balls. I was amazed at how sweet and fresh they smelled and tasted, considering how long he had been at work that day.

He began to quiver, and he commanded, "suck my fucking cock." I obediently complied, sliding my tongue up the saft and quickly engulfing the head. He place his hands on the back of my head and began to gyrate his hips, all the time giving me virbal cues, such as, "go all the way down on it, cocksucker" and "swallow my cock!" Of course I eagerly complied.

A good cocksucker can tell when his stud is about to blow his load, and I wasn't quite ready to quit servicing this hot guy. I did was I often do... I released his cock and began licking his balls again. That usually keeps his aroused, but it allows the orgasm to ease off.

Much to my suprise, he turned around and said, "eat my ass, motherfucker." Well, I have been known to lick a pretty butt every now and then, but I am always particular about the hygein of the "lickee". To my amazement, the man's ass smelled as fresh and sweet as his crotch, and I eagerly dived in to see how it tasted!

The stud bent over to give me better access to his backside. I began to slide my tongue up and down his crack. I swear, his buns were so tight he could have cracked a walut between them. But, it wasn't him doing the nutcracking, it was me, and I was enjoying this diversion.

His verbal commands turned into loud groans and moans. As my tongue found its target, he bent over further to allow me even easier access. I licked at his crack and hole for several minutes... to the point that it and my face were wet with saliva.

Suddenly, my feeder gasped and turned around to quickly feed me his exploding load. He wasn't quite quick enough as several ropes of steamy cum landed on my face, but his pulsing rod found its target and he fed me the biggest load I have ever swallowed. Burst after streaming burst shot into my mouth and eager throat.

As the explosions subsided, he held my head on his limbering cock. I lightly licked any residual semen from the head and shaft.

He held my head on his tool until it had become completely limp. He then took a couple of steps back, and stepped into his jeans.

The cable installation had just about been complete prior to our "diversion", so a couple of turns of the pliers and he was finished.

He placed his tools back in their box, stood up, winked and smiled and said, "there you go, man... now, we're both good to go!"

I hope I hear from him again. Maybe I'll decide to get Tivo or a second set-top box or some other option that would require his return. I like the way he does his job (and he liked the way I did mine!).


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